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What to Do in Pursuing a NJ Legal Malpractice Case?

Experienced Legal Malpractice Lawyers Help Clients Understand What to Do in a New Jersey Legal Malpractice Case

Most clients who are unsatisfied with their lawyer’s performance are also uncertain about whether they can do anything about it.  You may suspect that your lawyer’s subpar legal representation is what hurt your case—but not have specific evidence to pinpoint the errors that caused your bad outcome.  At the start of nearly every legal malpractice case, the client will ask “what do I do?”

At Team Law, our experienced legal malpractice lawyers can help you with the next steps—determining what to do when your lawyer’s actions have caused you harm.  You may have the right to financial compensation. You may be able to take steps to have your lawyer disciplined by the New Jersey disciplinary committee for a legal ethics violation.

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Whatever the next step in your case, it is important to understand that legal malpractice cases can be complex and time consuming.  You need the best possible lawyer by your side to find out what happened in your case. With over 60 years’ collective experience, we have the resources and legal knowledge necessary to get the best outcome in your case.

Speaking with an experienced lawyer is an important first step in learning about your legal rights.  To schedule a free case review with our legal malpractice lawyers, call our office or fill out this online contact form.  We have offices across New Jersey for your convenience.

What to Do to Succeed in a New Jersey Legal Malpractice Case

Legal malpractice cases in New Jersey are governed by strict rules, including procedural requirements, time limits and evidentiary standards.  In general, your first step should be retaining an experienced legal malpractice lawyer who can guide you through the process. To succeed, the following will be required to establish your claim:

Clients without specific experience practicing law may find the range of deadlines and procedural requirements intimidating.  At Team Law, our experienced legal malpractice lawyers are here to handle all of the complexities of your case. Our number one priority is protecting your legal rights and fighting to get the most compensation available in your case.

Proving Legal Malpractice Under New Jersey’s Negligence Standard

The legal theory called “negligence” is at the heart of nearly every legal malpractice case.  Establishing negligence requires proving:

Although this is the basic legal theory upon which your legal malpractice case will rest, the law is much more specific. For example, your lawyer represents that they have the degree of knowledge and skill ordinarily possessed by lawyers practicing law.  However, your lawyer’s duty of care may vary, depending upon whether the lawyer has represented that he or she is a specialist in a certain area of law. 

At Team Law, our lawyers can help you determine what to do based on the specific facts of your case.  For more detailed answers to your questions, call our office for a free consultation today.

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Legal malpractice cases in New Jersey are complex and full of potential pitfalls.  Judges require a high standard of proof in these cases because they understand how nuanced the practice of law can be.  Our lawyers at Team Law are committed to holding negligent lawyers accountable for their actions—to the fullest extent of the law. 

To learn more about your potential right to compensation based on a lawyer’s errors, schedule a free case review with our team today.  You can call our office or fill out this online contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Understanding What to do if You Suspect Legal Malpractice in New Jersey

FAQ: What if I think my lawyer’s work is just inadequate? Can I do anything if the lawyer did not do anything specifically wrong?

Providing inadequate legal representation may be enough to show that your lawyer did something wrong. Of course, lawyers do have significant discretion as to how to handle their cases. Different lawyers have different practice styles. However, reasonable preparation and legal knowledge are key to providing competent legal representation.

Our lawyers will review your case file to determine whether your lawyer’s actions were enough to amount to malpractice.

FAQ: I think my lawyer has stopped working on my case. What can I do?

In some cases, you might find out that your lawyer has stopped working on your case when your lawyer stops responding to your calls or emails. These cases can prove difficult, because we will need to get your case file in order to proceed. Our lawyers can help get your case file to evaluate what actions have been taken in your case. If your lawyer’s actions have somehow already damaged your legal right to recover compensation, we can take steps to protect your rights.

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