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Families come in all shapes and sizes–and non-traditional family combinations are no less “families” than the traditional nuclear families.  Paternity is the term the law uses to describe a person’s status as a child’s legal father.  While many people think of paternity in terms of biology, you don’t have to be a child’s biological father to be that child’s legal father.

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How Can You Establish Paternity Under New Jersey Law?

As noted, paternity is not always about biology.  It’s about your rights and obligations as a child’s legal father.  Some paternity cases do involve biology–perhaps you are a mother seeking to enforce the paternal obligations that apply to your child’s father.  In other cases, paternity is about legality.  

Under New Jersey law, when two people are legally married, each party is assumed to be a legal parent to any children they have.  This assumption can, of course, be challenged–and paternity can be established through other legal means.

You can establish paternity by:

Even if you voluntarily admit to being the child’s father, you should still make sure that you sign the child’s birth certificate.

Why is it Important to Establish Paternity for Legal Purposes?

Establishing paternity is important to all parties involved–including mother, father and child.  A child’s legal father has the right to share in parenting time, whether through visitation or physical and/or legal child custody.  A legal father also has an obligation to financially support the child.  

Establishing paternity can also:

Once legal paternity has been established, both parents will share in the obligations and rights of parenthood.  It should be noted that New Jersey courts strongly support the idea that both parents should be involved in a child’s life.  

After paternity is established, disputes often arise.  For example, a mother may wish to establish paternity to enforce child support laws–but not want to give up time with her child to permit the father’s involvement.  

In reality, it is the best interests of the child that will control.  Unless it is possible to establish some reason–violence, neglect, etc–that the father should not have custody or visitation rights, the father will have the legal right to be involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity Matters in New Jersey

How do genetic paternity tests work?

Modern technology gives society the means to test for paternity using a saliva test. Both mother and father submit saliva samples to the DNA testing facilities. If the results come back and indicate that there is a 95% chance or more that the father is the biological father, paternity is established. Fathers have a legal right to request paternity testing.

What will actually happen if I want to prove that someone is the legal father of my child?

You can file a complaint to establish paternity from a legal standpoint. The mother is named as a party in all cases (even if she is not the party requesting the paternity hearing). Any other interested parties are named or given notice. A conference will be scheduled, where the presumed father can admit paternity. Additional hearings may be required. The court has the authority to order genetic testing (contempt of court charges may apply for refusal). The court makes the final order and can then impose child custody, visitation, and child support orders.

Can I challenge the results of a paternity hearing?

Yes. As the presumed father, you have the right to submit evidence. You can challenge the results of genetic testing based on fraud, inaccuracies, etc. Usually, the court will simply order another DNA test. The court may use a saliva test or an HLA blood test.

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