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A back injury can take you out of commission for days or weeks—if you’re lucky.  Serious back injuries can leave you facing months, if not years, of painful recovery.  Invasive surgeries and extensive physical therapy can put you out of work indefinitely.  If you have back pain or injuries after an accident at work, our team is here to make sure you get the compensation you need.

At Team Law, we have over 60 years’ practical experience helping clients navigate the Workers’ Compensation and personal injury system in New Jersey.  Our lawyers are dedicated to making sure our clients get the best legal help available.

Back injuries are some of the most common work injuries reported in New Jersey.  That does not always mean it is easy to get fair Workers’ Compensation benefits if you hurt your back at work. 

If you hurt your back at work, you might be in pain and facing a long recovery.  You should not have to worry about how you’ll pay your bills on top of your injury.  At Team Law, we have the experience needed to handle even the most complex back injury case.  Contact our Workers’ Compensation lawyers to discuss options in your case today.  Your first consultation is always free.

Common Back Injuries

The muscles, nerves and vertebrae in the back are a complex and interconnected system.  Back injuries can impact the entire body.  Many back injury victims also suffer from leg or foot pain or numbness..  Injuries to the spine can be devastating and permanent.  Common back injuries sustained at work include:

The nature of an injured worker’s back injury usually depends upon the type of accident involved.  Workplace back injuries are commonly caused by:

Workers who sustain back injuries through repetitive motions or lifting may also be entitled to Workers’ Compensation.  Repetitive stress injuries to the back can be caused by overuse of the same muscles, extreme cold temperatures or even the vibrations caused by equipment. These types of injuries are commonly denied by employers and their insurance carriers as being related to the employment.

Our Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Fight for Full and Fair compensation

Recovering from a back injury can be difficult.  Many back injuries require invasive surgery.  Some surgeries require fusing the spinal column using hardware or a bone graft.  These types of surgeries can leave you unable to work in any capacity for months, if not longer.  In extreme cases, accident victims may never be able to return to their previous job, or sometimes at all. Even if this is the case, Workers’ Compensation claims are challenged all the time.

Common challenges to getting fair compensation for work-related back injuries include:

If your employer or the insurance company disputes your claim, speak with an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer as soon as possible.  We have the experience needed to handle your dispute effectively so that you can get fair benefits as quickly as possible.

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When you’re hurt on the job, you expect Workers’ Compensation to kick in and provide the medical and financial help you need.  Unfortunately, Workers’ Compensation claims are denied all the time despite the fact that back injuries are both common and can be serious.

If you hurt your back at work and have questions about your right to Workers’ Compensation, our lawyers at Team Law have answers.  Call us today for help filing your claim or handling a dispute.  We always review your case for free, without any obligation on your part, so you have nothing to lose by getting our opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation in Back Injury Cases

FAQ: I have had back pain in the past, and aggravated that injury during the course of my work. Can I get Workers’ Compensation if I can’t work?

Yes. Your right to Workers’ Compensation is not always eliminated because you had a previously existing back injury. If you aggravated the injury doing something at work, you have the right to Workers’ Compensation benefits based on that fact.

FAQ: What will happen if I need to claim Workers’ Compensation for a back injury? Who actually pays for my medical bills?

The general process for claiming Workers’ Compensation benefits is simple in theory. Rather than using your own health insurance, the Workers’ Compensation insurance company chooses the physician and pays the medical bills. You will, of course, get a doctor’s opinion about a treatment plan, depending upon the type of injury. The general process is:

– You notify your supervisor about your injury immediately

– Your employer notifies the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier, and the insurance company provides you with an authorized medical doctor to treat with, as well as benefits that cover 70% of your lost wages if you are deemed unable to work for at least 8 days.

– Permanent partial or total disability benefits if the treatment fails to restore 100% function to the injured body part(s).

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