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New Jersey Workers Compensation Lawyer For Broken Bones

Respected Injury Lawyers Help Clients Get Maximum Workers’ Compensation for On-the-Job Broken Bones

Like any injury, a broken bone can be painful and traumatic.  And although most broken bones do heal eventually, the process can be expensive, painful, and take you away from work.  What happens if the employer denies that the case is compensable under Workers’ Compensation and your medical bills start piling up and you have no income to put food on the table? 

When your accident happens at work, New Jersey Workers’ Compensation benefits are supposed to fill the gap so that you can focus on recovering, not how you will pay your bills.  At Team Law, we know that the process is rarely that simple or smooth for many injured workers.  Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers are here to make sure you get the maximum benefits possible—in the minimum amount of time.

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Broken Bone Injuries Vary Widely in Severity

Broken bones almost always require some type of medical intervention.  While broken bones sometimes heal with little more than rest and medications, serious fractures might require surgery.  Common types of bone fractures include:

Any case involving surgery can require an extended period of bed rest and ongoing physical therapy once mobility becomes possible again.  At Team Law, our lawyers can help you get the Workers’ Compensation benefits that the law provides to keep your finances stable. 

Common Causes of Workplace Broken Bones

Broken bones can happen at work regardless of your occupation.  Even if your profession is not generally considered to be dangerous, a simple slip on the staircase can result in a months-long process if you break a bone.  Nurses, restaurant employees, grocery store workers and home health aides are all at risk of sustaining broken bones on the job.

Broken bones and fractured can be caused by:

At Team Law, we know the tactics that insurance companies and employers use to deny your benefit claim.  They might challenge the extent of your injury or even require you to see a doctor who thinks you should go back to work too quickly.  We are here to fight back.  After all, you know when you remain in pain. 

Our lawyers can file a motion with the court to get your benefits increased or extended.  We can even help you get a second opinion from a doctor if your Workers’ Compensation-approved provider recommends that you return to work too soon.  You don’t have to handle these challenges alone.  Call us today for a free case review so that we can discuss options in your case.

We Fight to Protect Your Right to Fair Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The Workers’ Compensation system requires that you give up the right to sue a negligent employer.  In return, you are supposed to be compensated for any injuries that happen on the job.  Workers’ Compensation benefits help injured workers in three ways:

Getting fair Workers’ Compensation benefits can be key to minimizing those consequences.  At Team Law, our experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyers will do what it takes to make sure your rights are protected. 

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At Team Law, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers have dedicated our practice to helping injured workers understand their rights so that they don’t leave money on the table.  When you fracture a bone at work, the law is on your side.  You only have to establish two key elements to receive Workers’ Compensation: (1) you were an employee, and (2) your injury happened in the course of employment.

At Team Law, we will push back against any challenges to your Workers’ Compensation claim so that you can get fair benefits for your injury.  To learn more about how we can help with the claims process, schedule a free case review today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation for Broken Bones

FAQ: I broke a bone in a slip and fall accident at work and my job is not very physically demanding. Do I have to go back to work?

It depends on your doctor’s opinion. In some cases, it may be possible to continue working in full capacity after sustaining a broken bone. In others, even sitting for long hours in an office chair can be unbearably painful. If you are in pain and question the wisdom of returning to work, our lawyers can help you get a second opinion and challenge the opinion of the Workers’ Compensation physician.

FAQ: What about my health insurance? Do I first make a claim with my health insurer before turning to Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation steps in to cover all of your medical costs. You are not permitted to make a claim with your health insurance carrier. Workers’ Compensation also covers expenses your health insurance wouldn’t—like deductibles and copays.

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