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New Jersey Uber Accident Lawyers

Nationally Recognized Accident Lawyers Fight for Victims of Uber Accidents in New Jersey

For many New Jersey residents, an Uber ride has become nearly as common as a drive in a personal vehicle.  As of 2017, it was estimated that Uber had provided more than 5 billion rides. When your ordinary Uber ride ends with an accident, our New Jersey injury lawyers may be able to help you recover compensation to cover the damage.

At Team Law, our top-rated lawyers are here to help you navigate every aspect of the New Jersey legal system after an Uber accident.  When you’re struggling to recover from an Uber accident injury, you need the best lawyer available to safeguard your legal rights. We’ve spent over 60 years proving our worth by helping accident victims recover the compensation they need.

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Our accomplishments include:

Don’t wait to get the help you need to recover fair compensation after an Uber accident.  We can help you understand the complex legal issues involved in Uber accidents whether you were a passenger in an Uber or were in another car involved in the accident. 

We provide a free case review to all New Jersey Uber accident victims, so call us today to schedule your risk-free consultation.

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Who is Responsible When Someone is Injured in a New Jersey Uber Accident?

Usually, the company that employs a driver as an employee can be held responsible for injuries sustained in an accident.  Uber accidents are different because Uber has chosen to classify its drivers as independent contractors. However, New Jersey insurance law also treats Uber drivers differently than private drivers. 

Under New Jersey law, the following rules exist to establish which insurance policy will pay your damages after an Uber accident:

It’s often necessary to gather evidence about an Uber driver’s status after an accident.  Merely having the Uber sticker in the window is insufficient. Our accident lawyers work to obtain the evidence necessary in your case.

We Fight Back Against Insurance Company Delay Tactics After a New Jersey Uber Accident

Getting insurance to pay your damages after an Uber accident is rarely as simple as it may seem.  Insurance companies look to any available defense to deny your claim. You may find yourself facing an insurance company that claims:

All of this is in addition to the paperwork involved when pursuing a claim against a large insurance policy.  We know that fighting for fair compensation can be difficult when you’re facing off against large companies like Uber.  At Team Law, our lawyers have successfully helped thousands of clients just like you get the compensation they need. 

Results-Driven Uber Accident Lawyers Offer Over 60 Years’ Experience Protecting the Rights of New Jersey Accident Victims

At Team Law, our Uber accident lawyers fight to get the fair compensation our clients deserve.  We don’t just take the evidence at face value. We have the resources necessary to conduct our own investigation to make the strongest case possible with the insurance companies.

Our dedicated accident lawyers work to get full compensation for:

Injured in a New Jersey Uber Accident?  Call Team Law Today for a Free Case Review

Team Law has a 60-year history of successfully winning multi-million dollar cases for New Jersey accident victims.  The sooner you contact an experienced personal injury lawyer, the greater your chances of success in recovering fair compensation after an Uber accident.

Your first consultation with our Uber accident lawyers is always free and we only take an attorneys’ fee if we win compensation in your case.  This means you have nothing to lose by meeting with us to discuss options in your case. To schedule your free initial consultation, you can call our office or fill out this online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Uber Accident Laws

FAQ: What if more than one party is to blame for my Uber accident?

Under New Jersey shared fault—or comparative negligence—rules, every party to the accident is assigned a percentage of liability. For example, assume three parties were involved in your Uber accident. In settlement negotiations, we are able to convince the other parties that the Uber driver was 75% at fault and a third-party driver was 15% at fault. Because you weren’t wearing a seatbelt, you’re found to be 10% to blame for your injuries. If the compensation award was $1 million, the Uber driver would be responsible for $750,000. The third-party driver would pay $150,000. Your award would be reduced by $100,000 to account for your 10% fault.

FAQ: Why is the Uber insurance policy so large?

When Uber accidents happened in the past, all parties involved tried to shift the blame onto someone else. Uber disclaimed responsibility because its drivers weren’t employees. Uber drivers’ insurance companies wouldn’t pay because the Uber driver was driving for commercial purposes. This left Uber accident victims—who often didn’t even have car insurance—unfairly struggling. Because of this, New Jersey modified its insurance law to make sure Uber accident victims were protected.

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