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Extensive injuries, complicated insurance questions, and numerous other factors make motorcycle accidents particularly difficult for victims and their families. You deserve compensation for motorcycle injuries you suffered because of someone else’s negligence, as well as experienced, compassionate legal support to guide you through the claims process. 

The New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers at Team Law have a long history of helping injured motorcyclists recover maximum compensation. 

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Attorney Andrew Prince’s Long-Standing Focus on Complex Motorcyclist Claims

Leading the New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers at Team Law is attorney Andrew S. Prince

Andrew has been at the forefront of representing injured victims in motorcycle litigation in NJ since 1982. He isn’t only an attorney with extensive knowledge of motorcycle accident law but also a recognized leader in motorcycle safety advocacy. In his work on the Board of Directors of Rider Education of New Jersey (RENJ) and as an active member of the nonpartisan legislative organization Garden State ABATE, which represents the interests of motorcyclists across the state, Andrew works tirelessly to improve the safety and protect the legal rights of riders. 

With Andrew’s unmatched experience in the practice of motorcycle accident law in New Jersey and the full support of the Team Law firm, we’re uniquely prepared to fight for the motorcycle accident injury compensation your family deserves. 

Motorcycle Accident Claims in New Jersey 

With its distinctive combination of open roads and proximity to major cities and top travel destinations, New Jersey is popular among motorcyclists. Unfortunately, this also means motorcycle accidents are common here, causing serious injuries to both residents and visitors. In addition to the risks motorcyclists face riding across New Jersey’s varied landscapes, they also have to contend with complicated insurance and legal matters as they seek medical care and compensation for their injuries. 

Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Injuries Under NJ Law 

Motorcyclists injured in New Jersey have the right to seek financial compensation from another party whose negligence caused their accident. 

The defendant in motorcycle accident claims is usually a driver of a car, truck, or other vehicle. In certain situations, motorcyclists might have claims against other parties, such as property owners who allowed safety hazards to exist on the premises, government entities responsible for maintaining the road in a safe condition, and companies that designed or manufactured dangerously defective motorcycles or components. 

In every case, our New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers’ end goal is to get you fair compensation. Depending on the specifics of your case, the types of damages for which you may be able to recover financial compensation may include: 

Getting maximum compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries requires considerable knowledge of the legal process and extensive case preparation. Team Law’s motorcycle accident attorneys in Clark, NJ, are prepared to fight for the full amount of monetary damages you’re entitled to. 

Insurance Complications in New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Claims 

Getting medical care for a motorcycle accident injury is essential. Diagnosing and treating these often serious injuries can’t wait. Figuring out coverage for your medical care, however, is often a complicated matter. 

In New Jersey, medical expenses arising out of most traffic accidents are covered by the motorist’s own personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, part of their auto insurance policy, under the state’s no-fault insurance laws. Even injured passengers and pedestrians can generally get their accident-related medical bills covered by PIP. However, PIP benefits in New Jersey don’t apply to motorcycle accidents. 

Even your motorcycle insurance coverage typically won’t help you when it comes to getting your medical bills paid. Motorcycle insurance policies generally provide liability coverage in case you hurt someone else in an accident and property damage coverage in case your motorcycle gets damaged. However, they often either do not directly cover your own medical costs as a rider at all or allow for only a minimal amount of med-pay coverage, usually as an expensive add-on rather than an included part of the policy. That means many motorcycle accident victims can receive little to no medical benefits through their own motorcycle insurance policy. 

If you have health insurance, you may be able to get your medical bills covered through this policy. However, some policies exclude motorcycle accident injury coverage. Others may reserve the right to impose a lien on any compensation you’re able to recover through a personal injury claim. You’re also subject to deductibles, copayments, coinsurance requirements, and potential limits on the providers you can see, the amount of therapy you can receive, and the treatments that are covered. 

If you have no applicable health insurance or medical payment coverage through your motorcycle accident insurance, or if you exceed any such coverage that is available, the compensation you receive through a motorcycle accident injury claim may be your only option for affording the considerable care you need. Having experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Clark, NJ, willing to fight to secure the maximum compensation for you is critical. 

Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries 

In a traffic accident, occupants of cars and trucks have an array of safety features to protect them, such as airbags, seatbelts, and the structure of the vehicle itself. Because motorcyclists don’t have this protection, motorcycle accidents can be far more dangerous when they occur. 

A car accident certainly can lead to life-changing and even catastrophic injuries, but these severe injuries are much more common among motorcyclists. Based on the most recent year for which national data is available (2022), motorcyclists were 22 times more likely to die and four times more likely to suffer injuries than occupants of passenger vehicles per vehicle miles traveled, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Examples of the types of injuries our motorcycle accident attorneys in Clark, NJ, can assist you with include:

Whether you’re suffering from a “biker’s arm,” a concussion, or any other significant injury after a motorcycle accident, you will benefit from the support of both medical professionals to treat your injuries and legal professionals to protect your right to seek compensation. 

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents 

Contrary to popular belief, motorcycle accidents are not usually caused by the motorcyclist. The two main reasons for motorcycle accidents are:

Other Motorists Failing to Share the Road

Motorcycles are very small compared to cars and, of course, to trucks and buses. Statistically, car and truck drivers tend to fail to notice motorcycles much of the time on New Jersey highways.

Whether they are distracted or simply fail to correctly anticipate the motorcycle rider’s response time, the other vehicle is often responsible for the motorcycle accident.

Examples of scenarios in which an injured motorcyclist may have the grounds to sue the other driver include: 

In certain situations, it’s also possible for road and property conditions to cause motorcycle accidents. These cases are less common but may provide grounds to sue a property owner or a government entity that is responsible for road maintenance. 

Product Liability Claims Against Motorcycle Manufacturers

Motorcyclists may be able to pursue a different kind of personal injury claim when the motorcycle or its parts are defective. These legal matters are known as product liability claims because your New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers will seek to hold the designer or manufacturer of the defective product (and potentially other parties involved in its distribution) liable for the harm the product causes. 

These cases are complicated, but Team Law has the experience to handle the legal nuances of these matters. We can often file a product liability claim on behalf of injured motorcyclists to seek compensation that covers both the costs associated with your injuries and the costs of repairing or replacing the motorcycle.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident, you need to immediately get to safety. If you were thrown from your motorcycle or your bike fell on top of you, you could still be in the path of traffic and in danger of suffering further injuries. 

Once you’re in a safe place, call 911. A motorcycle accident is an emergency. 

As you wait for the first responders to arrive, document the scene to the best of your ability by taking photographs of the accident and vehicle damage and gathering the names, contact information, and statements of any witnesses. Be sure not to overexert yourself or risk making your injuries worse. If you need to choose between applying pressure to a bleeding wound or documenting the accident more extensively, your medical needs should come first. 

Provide the information required for a police report, and make sure you know how to attain a copy of the report once it is completed. Get checked out by emergency medical personnel at the scene. Then, seek more extensive medical care, either at the hospital, an urgent care facility, or a physician’s office. 

As soon as possible, consult the knowledgeable New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers at Team Law to identify all avenues through which you could seek compensation for your damages. 

How Team Law Can Help With Motorcycle Accident Claims 

Recovering from the serious effects of a motorcycle accident isn’t easy. Neither is getting the compensation you deserve. However, with Team Law representing you, a dedicated New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer will be by your side every step of the way.

We assist injured motorcyclists throughout the state by: 

Our New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers at Team Law have the legal knowledge and track record of success necessary to effectively fight for your rights. 

Why Choose Team Law as Your New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

When the experienced motorcycle crash injury attorneys at Team Law take on a case, we fight aggressively for the rights and best interests of our clients. Here’s what you can expect when you put your claim in our capable hands. 

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There may be obstacles standing in the way of getting the compensation you deserve, but with dedicated legal assistance, pursuing maximum compensation is possible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accident Claims in New Jersey 

What can motorcyclists do to prevent accidents or minimize injuries? 

Motorcyclists can take steps to prevent accidents and minimize the significant injuries that can result. These steps may include:

-Avoiding weaving between lanes
-Avoiding lane-sharing 
-Maintaining a safe distance between the motorcycle and other vehicles 
-Wearing a helmet as mandated by New Jersey law
-Wearing protective gear, such as leather riding gear
-Maintaining a valid New Jersey motorcycle license
-Adhering to New Jersey rules regarding motorcycle inspections and maintenance

Even the most responsible motorcyclist can’t always prevent a crash, especially when it results from the negligence of another motorist or the manufacturer of defective parts. When you’re not able to prevent an accident, be as proactive as you can by retaining experienced attorneys to protect your interests as soon as possible. 

If the other driver violated a traffic law and caused my motorcycle accident, is my right to compensation automatic?

Unfortunately, even if the cause of your motorcycle accident is clear, getting the compensation you deserve isn’t automatic. You have to fight for it. 
The other motorist’s violation of a New Jersey traffic law can serve as valuable evidence of their fault for the accident and their liability for your injuries. In some cases, that violation may be enough evidence. However, the insurance company can still find ways to contest liability, possibly by arguing that you were partially responsible. 

How can a motorcycle accident lawyer help me? 

Your motorcycle accident lawyer handles all aspects of your legal claim for you, allowing you to focus on getting better or adjusting to your new normal. Your lawyer will assist you by investigating the accident, gathering evidence in your favor, building a strong case for compensation, and pursuing the maximum amount of monetary damages available to you. Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer may negotiate a settlement or take your case to court. As any challenges or complications arise in your claim, you can turn to your attorney for guidance and a path forward. 

How long does a motorcycle accident lawsuit take? 

In some instances, a motorcycle accident lawsuit may be resolved in a matter of months. Often, though, the personal injury process can take considerably more time. For complex cases and claims that involve extensive injuries, it can take years to resolve your case and recover the money you deserve. 
With an experienced New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer at Team Law fighting for you, you can rest assured that we’re always doing everything we can to push your case forward. We know how important it is to get the compensation you deserve as soon as possible, and we do everything in our power to attain compensation for you as efficiently as the legal process permits. 

What if I wasn’t wearing a helmet and was in a motorcycle accident?

New Jersey law requires that you wear a helmet with reflective material to operate a motorcycle. The lack of a helmet may be used to reduce your compensation award. However, you may still have a right to compensation even if you weren’t wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, depending on the circumstances. 
Our lawyers can explain how New Jersey’s modified comparative negligence laws could apply to your situation and evaluate whether you may have a claim despite the lack of a helmet. Since the consultation is free, it costs you nothing to find out whether you have a case. 
Learn more about motorcycle accident FAQs. 

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