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Despite their non-violent nature, white collar crimes are serious criminal offenses that carry severe legal consequences. White collar offenses include various criminal matters that are generally financially motivated and are carried out in a non-violent way. A conviction for a white-collar crime can carry prison time and monetary fines equivalent to those that apply to violent offenders. Additionally, a defendant convicted for a white-collar crime is typically mandated to pay restitution so that the victims are made financially whole again, which can have severe negative effects on the defendant’s finances. At Team Law, our diligent and resourceful New Jersey White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers are prepared to vigorously defend you in every phase of the federal criminal process.

Our experienced New Jersey White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers understand the nuances and particular needs of every client facing white collar criminal charges. We will fight for your rights and help to provide clarity in moving forward with your life and ultimately protect your interests. Whether you are facing charges involving securities fraud, healthcare fraud, or tax evasion, our legal team is here to protect you. 

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Common Types Of White-Collar Crimes Alleged In New Jersey

Our attorneys have represented clients in several white-collar criminal matters at the federal level, including:

The New Jersey White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers at Team Law are experienced in white collar criminal matters and will help you navigate the process so that your interests and rights are protected. Our legal team is here to help you.

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Tenacious Criminal Defense Lawyers Have The Resources To Effectively Defend Clients Accused of White Collar Crimes Throughout New Jersey

Federal white collar criminal cases are significantly more substantial, nuanced, and time-consuming than those cases prosecuted at the state level in New Jersey – in large part due to the fact that the federal government has massive amounts of resources to investigate and prosecute white collar offenses. During an ongoing white-collar investigation, the FBI, DEA, SEC, IRS, and other federal agencies may conduct an investigation into the facts and details of the alleged crime. Our New Jersey White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers are ready to defend you – we have the expertise and tenacity to methodically analyze the evidence and build a strong and compelling representation in order to best advocate in your interests.

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In New Jersey, when faced with white collar criminal accusations, either at the federal or state level, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. At Team Law, our New Jersey White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers are ready to represent you through all phases of the investigative and judicial process. Given the severe consequences of a white-collar crime conviction, our legal team takes these matters with the severity and respect you deserve. We are here to support you – we will fight for your rights and interests. Contact Team Law for a free and confidential consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions about White Collar Criminal Defense in New Jersey

FAQ: Should I contact a lawyer if I am being investigated, but have not yet been charged with a white-collar crime?

Absolutely. Even if you have not been arrested or formally charged with a crime, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to help protect you as soon as possible. At Team Law, our attorneys will begin to conduct our investigation and gather the appropriate evidence to build your defense in the matter, even before any charges have been levied against you. In the event of an arrest, our lawyers can help you obtain a release from jail if we are with you from the beginning. And it is important to consult with an experienced white-collar attorney during the early questioning and investigative phase so that your rights and interests are protected. If you have any questions about white collar crimes, contact Team Law to learn more.

FAQ: What is the difference between New Jersey and federal white-collar crimes?

Under federal law, charges may apply in white collar criminal matters where there are far-reaching schemes across multiple states, including large sums of money. Notably, federal and state white collar criminal procedures are different, so it is important to consult with an attorney who has in-depth experiential knowledge at both levels. At Team Law, our experienced criminal defense lawyers are ready to help you in your white-collar criminal case, no matter the size. Contact us for a free and confidential discussion.

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