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In this day and age, there are many ways that you can find yourself facing criminal weapons offense charges.  Even possession of a weapon that you own legally can spell trouble if you are carrying the gun outside your home without a proper permit.  Even if you have no prior criminal record, weapons offenses carry extremely harsh penalties, including prison time subject to mandatory minimum sentencing rules.  You need a skilled, experienced weapons offense defense lawyer by your side to safeguard your legal rights.

At Team Law, the skills of our defense lawyers have been tested and proven over the past 60 years.  We have a reputation for providing innovative solutions and custom-tailored defense strategies for our clients.  When you need help the most, you can count on our defense lawyers to put the full weight of our skills into fighting your weapons offense charges. 

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Because New Jersey gun laws are so strict, our clients often find themselves charged with a weapons offense without even realizing that they were violating the law.  In some cases, you might find yourself faced with charges under the New Jersey Graves Act, which imposes mandatory minimum prison time if convicted.

Our lawyers understand the complex laws that govern weapons offense cases.  If you are charged under the Graves Act, Team Law can petition for a waiver and fight to avoid mandatory minimum jail time.  When facing any charge involving a weapon, contact an experienced defense lawyer at Team Law as soon as possible.  We will find out what the prosecution intends to use against you and form a defense strategy specifically designed to weaken their case.

New Jersey Weapons Offenses

Some common examples of weapons offenses in New Jersey include:

Harsh Penalties Apply if Convicted of a New Jersey Weapons Offense

The penalties for a weapons offense conviction can vary depending upon whether the weapon was a firearm or another type of weapon, as well as based upon the exact weapons offense alleged.  Examples of the potential penalties a weapons offense conviction can carry include:

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Our Aggressive Approach to Fighting Weapons Offense Charges

The penalties associated with almost any weapons offense conviction are harsh.  Even if you have never been convicted of a crime, you might be facing mandatory minimum jail time.  That’s why our experienced lawyers at Team Law take an aggressive approach to developing your defense strategy.  Our strategy might include:

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Getting a permit to carry a firearm outside your home in New Jersey is virtually impossible.  Further, the reach of New Jersey weapons offenses is extremely broad—and these charges are taken particularly seriously by prosecutors and judges.  Even if you are a first offender, you should take weapons charges seriously, as well.  Speaking with our experienced defense lawyers for weapons charges is an important step to protecting your freedom.  Call or contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weapons Offenses in New Jersey

FAQ: What is a Graves Act waiver?

A Graves Act waiver is essentially a motion to waive the mandatory prison term that accompanies conviction for certain gun charges.  The process itself is detailed, so you need an experienced lawyer by your side.  Some Graves Act waivers only serve to reduce the mandatory 42-month prison sentence to one year without parole.  In other cases, it may be possible to avoid mandatory jail time.  The best possible result is the one our lawyers fight to achieve: getting the charges dropped or winning a not guilty verdict.

FAQ: Is it possible to enter pre-trial intervention (PTI) if I was charged with a firearms offense?

Under compelling circumstances, it may be possible to convince a judge that the pre-trial intervention program is a more appropriate way to handle your case.  PTI is generally only available for first offenders who commit relatively minor offenses.  Second-degree crimes usually cannot be resolved via PTI.  Depending upon the facts of your case, it may be possible to convince the judge that you were simply a law-abiding citizen who made a mistake in order to gain admission into the program and avoid formal conviction.

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