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In New Jersey, criminal indictment for bribery can be brought forth as a result of both bribes paid to and received by individuals. Bribery is commonly perceived as bribes made between public officials, in return for political favors. There are also other ways that illegal bribes can be made:

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What Is Commercial Bribery?

According to N.J.S.A. 2C:21-10, if you solicit, accept, or agree to accept any benefit as consideration for knowingly violating or agreeing to violate a duty of fidelity that you owe, you will be guilty of commercial bribery in NJ. Currently, there are six recognized situations that give rise to a duty of fidelity:

  1. Being the agent, partner, or employee of another
  2. Being a trustee, guardian, or fiduciary of another
  3. Being a lawyer, physician, accountant, appraiser, or other professional adviser or informant
  4. Being an officer, director, manager, or other participant in the direction of the affairs of an incorporated or unincorporated association
  5. Being a labor official (including any duly appointed representative of a labor organization or any duly appointed trustee or representative of an employee welfare trust fund)
  6. Being an arbitrator or other disinterested adjudicator or referee

If you fall into any of these and you act improperly when it comes to your duty of fidelity or violate it outright, there is a high likelihood that you will be charged with commercial bribery.

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Bribery Charges

In New Jersey, bribery charges are brought forward under the following circumstances:


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Frequently Asked Questions about Bribery Charges in New Jersey

FAQ: What are the penalties for conviction on bribery charges?

In New Jersey, a conviction for bribery can result in up 10 years in jail as well other punishments that would follow a conviction for a 2nd-degree crime. Penalties vary in different states and in Federal Court, as well. If you have any questions about bribery charges, contact Team Law to learn more.

FAQ: What are the defenses to bribery charges?

Bribery charges frequently manifest because one party to the bribe will report it to law enforcement authorities. This is why it is so important to retain an experienced bribery defense lawyer, who will know how to challenge the evidence and discredit a material witness through cross-examination at trial. When New Jersey law enforcement or The Federal Government suspects someone of receiving and/or issuing bribes, they may start a secret investigation that involves such evidence-gathering methods as a wiretap or monitoring bank records. When this evidence is presented against you, it can present many roadblocks to your defense. Hiring a team of skilled bribery defense attorneys is the best way to protect your freedom and challenge the evidence that the government has against you. If you are facing bribery charges, contact Team Law today to schedule a free and confidential discussion and to learn more about how we can help you.

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