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New Jersey Cancer Malpractice Lawyers

Battle-Tested Medical Malpractice Lawyers Represent Victims of Cancer Malpractice Throughout New Jersey

A cancer diagnosis no longer has to be catastrophic.  With advances in medical treatment options and technology, many cancer patients have every reason to hope for a healthy future.  However, when your doctor makes a mistake or fails to diagnose your cancer early, that valuable window for treatment can be tragically lost.

At Team Law, our experienced medical malpractice lawyers fight for victims of cancer malpractice throughout New Jersey.  We have over 60 years’ worth of experience working to hold negligent doctors and medical professionals accountable for these potentially deadly errors. 

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We can’t turn back the clock and make sure you receive proper treatment.  But we can fight to get the most compensation possible to help you and your family move forward.

We’ve already helped clients recover over $650 million in compensation to hold negligent actors accountable for their actions.  Call or contact us online today for a free case evaluation to see how we can help in your case.

Lost Time Can Equal Cancer Malpractice Under New Jersey Law

Under New Jersey medical malpractice laws, healthcare providers can be held responsible for failure to provide appropriate treatment.  In cancer malpractice cases, you must be able to show:

It’s common knowledge that the sooner cancer is detected and treated, the better your odds for a full recovery.  Stage I cancer is far more easy to treat than Stage IV cancer. When a doctor, lab technician or medical professional makes a mistake that costs you time, you may be entitled to compensation for the resulting harm.

Cancer malpractice generally occurs because of:

Examples of scenarios that may give rise to a valid claim for cancer malpractice include:

At Team Law, we approach each case by getting to know our client as a person.  In our office, you are more than just a case number on a file. And by learning about your experiences and how your cancer has impacted your life and family, we can provide the level of skilled and compassionate advocacy that gets results for our clients.

Our New Jersey Lawyers Understand the Serious Consequences of Cancer Malpractice

At Team Law, our medical negligence lawyers are not only knowledgeable about the law, but we understand the serious consequences you may be facing as a victim of cancer malpractice.  Delays in diagnosis, or misdiagnosis, can result in:

The more invasive your cancer treatment, the more likely you are to suffer adverse side effects. When you’ve already lost time because of cancer malpractice, the odds that you will need a more aggressive treatment plan increase substantially.

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If you believe you have been the victim of medical negligence, call us for a free consultation as soon as possible.  The sooner our cancer malpractice lawyers can get to work in investigating your case, the greater our chance of success.  We have experience representing clients who have suffered cancer malpractice relating to:

Our Trusted New Jersey Cancer Malpractice Lawyers Are Here to Fight for the Compensation You Need

If you think a doctor or healthcare professional made a mistake in your cancer care or diagnosis, you don’t have any more time to lose.  We know you’re in a difficult position and we’re here to help. 

At Team Law, our Certified Civil Trial Lawyers have received national recognition for successfully representing victims throughout New Jersey.  We know that choosing a lawyer to protect your rights after suffering through cancer malpractice is difficult. With Team Law, our New Jersey malpractice lawyers review your case for free so that you can get to know us before making that choice.  To schedule your free case review, call our office or fill out this online form today.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Cancer Malpractice Claims

FAQ: What type of compensation may be available in a cancer malpractice lawsuit?

Compensation based on cancer malpractice will vary from person to person. In all cases, we fight to get the most compensation possible. This includes compensation for the medical expenses incurred prior to your correct cancer diagnosis and the costs incurred in treating your cancer properly. We also fight to get monetary damages such as lost wages, lost earning capacity and for the pain and suffering of having to suffer through more aggressive treatment. If the cancer malpractice results in wrongful death, we will fight to get compensation for loss of the company of your loved one, final expenses and your emotional anguish.

FAQ: How can you prove that a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis was cancer malpractice?

We all know that doctors can never promise a positive outcome. However, we work with medical experts to:

– Identify the actions that your doctor should have taken,
– Evaluate the actions that your doctor or other medical provider did take,
– Link those actions or inactions to the harm you suffered.

Proving cancer malpractice can be a complicated process. At Team Law, we work with the best experts in the medical field to build the strongest possible case for you. We will examine your medical records and speak with witnesses to identify any abnormalities in your treatment to hold the negligent medical provider responsible for their actions.

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