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Your lawyer has a duty to provide competent and zealous representation.  Most clients rely on their lawyers to take care of the details—because, after all, it is the lawyer’s job.  Even a slight transactional error can create damaging financial consequences for the client. When your lawyer’s failure to pay attention to the details—or outright misconduct—creates a financial headache for you, our respected legal malpractice lawyers are here to help.

At Team Law, our goal is to help people who have been harmed by the careless actions and omissions of their lawyers.  When you suffer because your lawyer made a transactional error in the course of their representation, your lawyer should be held accountable for that mistake.

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Even if your lawyer’s transaction error was inadvertent, you still have legal rights.  Our legal malpractice lawyers have been working hard to get justice for clients for decades. Depending upon what happened in your case, we may be able to recover financial compensation and even have the lawyer disciplined for the transaction error.

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Transactional Errors Can Amount to Legal Malpractice in New Jersey

At Team Law, we know that the legal industry is no stranger to jokes about legal ethics—or lack thereof.  In reality, many transactional errors made by lawyers are not intentional, but instead result from negligence.  Actionable transaction errors may result from the lawyer’s:

Of course, in some cases the lawyer’s outright misconduct can lead to a transactional error that can harm the client.  Even if the lawyer acted unintentionally, the careless conduct may still constitute legal malpractice. Your lawyer’s duty to provide competent representation also means that your lawyer has a duty to avoid making errors that could jeopardize the successful resolution of your case.

Transactional errors that can amount to legal malpractice under New Jersey law include:

Your lawyer’s transactional errors can cost you significant amounts of money.  In some cases, making a claim against that lawyer for legal malpractice can allow you to recover money you have lost as a result of the error.  Taking action can also subject the lawyer to discipline by the New Jersey ethics committee.

Talented Legal Malpractice Lawyers Put Their Skills to Work for New Jersey Clients Harmed Because of Transactional Errors

Clients often focus on the lawyer’s negotiation skills and past courtroom success in evaluating their lawyer’s qualifications.  The behind-the-scenes transactional issues involved in your case are just as important—if not more so. 

Unfortunately, legal malpractice cases are notoriously complex.  Regardless of the type of transactional error involved or your old lawyer’s intent, you need a strong and trustworthy lawyer in your corner.  At Team Law, we comprehensively investigate your case to determine what happened—and take action to do something about it.

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You should not be left to bear the consequences of your lawyer’s transactional error.  Whether you retained your original lawyer to represent you in a personal injury matter, medical malpractice claim or business transaction, the experienced lawyers at Team Law can fight to hold that lawyer accountable for their mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Malpractice Claims Involving Transactional Errors in New Jersey

FAQ: What type of transaction errors involving the lawyer’s trust account could subject the lawyer to discipline?

The New Jersey bar association takes lawyers’ obligations with respect to handling clients’ money and property extremely seriously. In many cases, the lawyer accepts a retainer fee and must deposit those funds into a trust account. As the lawyer performs work and incurs expenses, the lawyer is entitled to draw from the client’s funds in the trust account. Transactional errors that could create problems include:

-Drawing money from the wrong client’s trust account funds,
-Co-mingling the client funds with the lawyer’s own funds,
-Spending trust account funds that the lawyer has yet to earn,
-Inflating the cost of expenses the lawyer has incurred and withdrawing the wrong amount from the trust account.

It is generally mandatory to report the lawyer who committed the transactional error involving a client trust account. The lawyer may be subject to discipline and may be required to reimburse the client.

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