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New Jersey Defense Lawyers for Third Offense DUI

Experienced New Jersey Defense Lawyers Help Clients Fight Third Offense DUI Charges

If you have been arrested on third offense DUI charges, hiring an experienced and reputable defense lawyer should be your first step. Repeat offenses always carry harsher penalties.  Even though DUI offenses are technically traffic violations, you should treat DUI charges as seriously as you would any criminal allegation.  For a third offense DUI, mandatory jail time is on the table if you are convicted.

At Team Law, we know the strategies that can work to beat your DUI charges.  Fighting third-time DUI charges alone is never a good idea.  Our lawyers are experienced in standing before a judge and advocating for our clients.  With over 60 years’ experience, we provide a high-quality legal defense that you can trust.

Clients arrested on DUI charges for the third time often feel like they don’t have any options.  Our lawyers are here to tell you that isn’t true.  Even repeat offenders have the right to the strongest legal defense available—and an arrest is not the same thing as a conviction.

Facing Third Offense DUI Charges And Have Questions? We Can Help. Tell Us What Happened.

Are you facing a third or subsequent DUI charge?  Start fighting to protect your future now.  Our experienced defense lawyers at Team Law offer a free case review so that we can discuss strategies for fighting your charges.  Call or contact us today to learn more about our proven track record of successfully fighting third offense DUI charges in New Jersey.

Third Offense DUI Charges Carry Significant Penalties

Understanding the consequences of a third offense DUI is critical if you have been arrested and charged in New Jersey.  Some of the penalties in a third offense DUI case are mandatory.  In other words, if you are convicted, the judge has no discretion to “go easy” on you.

Third offense DUI conviction can result in:

Installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for between two and four years after you get your license back (you bear the cost of installing and removing this device)

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After a third offense DUI conviction, you might not be able to find car insurance—or you may not be able to afford the increased costs.  This creates an additional problem for many people in New Jersey—limitations on your ability to get to and from work.

Exploring Possible Defense Strategies to Third Offense DUI Charges

Drivers facing third-time DUI charges might already have a lawyer they have used in their prior cases.  You might have simply pleaded guilty because you thought there was no way to beat the charges against you.  These are both signs that you should call our experienced lawyers at Team Law today.

Our lawyers know what strategies work and we know how to investigate your case to get the complete evidence we need to fight the charges.  Depending upon what happened, we might be able to:

We can move to have evidence excluded from your case—and if successful, your case might be thrown out. 

In some cases, post-conviction relief might be an option.  Maybe your prior DUI charges could have been dismissed had your lawyer presented the right defense.  We may be able to obtain the records for your prior DUIs and try to vacate the offense.  While you could still face the current DUI charges, our lawyers may be able to keep you out of jail if we can reduce a third offense DUI charge to a first or second offense charge.

Pleading guilty gives you a zero-percent chance of avoiding mandatory jail time.  Our experienced defense lawyers can help.  We don’t want to give you false hope—you should be taking the charges against you very seriously.  But our DUI defense lawyers are committed to giving you the best possible chance of beating the charges.

Call Our Leading New Jersey DUI Defense Lawyers for Help Fighting Your Third Offense DUI Charges

If you have been arrested on third offense DUI charges, we know that the stakes are high.  You are in a situation that no one wants to face.  Hiring an experienced and trained DUI defense lawyer immediately greatly increases your odds of beating the charges.

Our experienced DUI defense lawyers at Team Law are ready to go to court and battle to protect your rights.  To tell us what happened, call or contact us for a free case review today.

Frequently Asked Questions About in Third Offense DUI Charges in New Jersey

FAQ: What is an ignition interlock device?

It’s a device installed in your car that reads your blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. If your BAC levels are above 0.05%, your car won’t start. After starting your vehicle, you will periodically be required to breathe into the machine so that it can test your BAC levels while you drive.

FAQ: How much does an ignition interlock device cost?

In total, the IID can cost thousands of dollars over time. The ignition interlock device is a significant expense in third-time DUI cases. You will be responsible for the costs associated with installing and removing the device. However, you will also pay to have the IID maintained for years—possibly for up to 12 years (the 8-year suspension period and the 4 years after you get your license back). The company that installs your device will have to check it (every two months or so) to make sure it’s working properly and hasn’t been tampered with.

FAQ: What if I cannot pay the fines related to a DUI conviction?

The fines for third offense DUI charges are high. If you cannot pay the fines, your driver’s license can be suspended indefinitely. You might also be subject to wage garnishment or arrest. It’s critical to have an experienced lawyer by your side to protect your rights in these situations.

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