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Oncologist malpractice can spell the difference between life and death for patients with cancer.  After an initial diagnosis, the oncologist is typically the specialist responsible for selecting, administering and monitoring the patient’s treatment.  For the cancer patient, receiving the most effective treatment as quickly as possible is crucial to recovery.

Just as receiving high-quality treatment from an oncologist is vital to patient health, oncologist malpractice can be devastating.  When you expect to receive expert care and suffer additional harm instead, you need the best possible lawyer in your corner to protect your rights.

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At Team Law, we have earned a reputation for excellence through over 60 years of combined commitment to top-quality legal representation.  Our top-rated medical malpractice lawyers are dedicated to getting full financial compensation for victims of oncologist malpractice throughout New Jersey.

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New Jersey Oncologist Malpractice Can Take on Many Forms

Because the type and quality of the treatment received by cancer patients is vital to successful recovery, oncologists undergo substantial specialized training to practice in the field—and then they sometimes specialize even further, to focus solely on chemotherapy or surgery, or even certain types of cancer. 

Unfortunately, even with years of training and, potentially, decades of practical experience, oncologists can still make mistakes that may cost a patient their life.  Some examples of the types of mistakes an oncologist can make include:

The oncologist’s first steps when treating a new patient should be to run tests, review patient history and gauge how far the cancer has progressed.  All of these steps serve to determine what the appropriate course of treatment should involve. Many instances of oncologist malpractice occur in these initial stages, where obtaining a more complete diagnosis of the cancer is vital to a successful treatment plan.

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Discovering that an oncologist has made a mistake that could cost your life is frightening, overwhelming and traumatizing.  Our lawyers know that you already have too much at risk—you shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial burden, as well. We will analyze your case from every angle to identify both your oncologist’s mistake and all potential sources of financial compensation. 

If you are a victim of oncologist malpractice in New Jersey, you may have the right to receive:

With over $650 million in compensation recovered for clients across New Jersey, we have successfully helped hundreds of injured clients move forward with their lives.  Your health should be your number one concern—and getting you fair compensation is ours. To learn more about how our New Jersey oncologist malpractice lawyers can help, schedule a free consultation today.

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Negotiating with the insurance company can be an uphill battle for those without specialized legal expertise.  Our lawyers are here to take over the fight to get the compensation you need so that you can focus on fighting your battle with cancer.  To schedule your free case review, call our New Jersey oncologist malpractice lawyers or contact us online today.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Oncologist Malpractice Claims

FAQ: Why are oncologist malpractice claims especially complex in New Jersey?

In addition to identifying the oncologist’s mistake and proving that a reasonable oncologist would not have made that mistake, we must also establish causation. That means that our lawyers will investigate to prove that you would not have suffered the negative side effects from the cancer even if you had proper treatment. To do this, we work with experts in oncology to obtain evidence about:

-How other patients with similar medical history and similar types and stages of cancer have responded to the treatment you should have received,
-How delays in receiving the proper oncological treatment caused your cancer to progress,
-Possible recovery scenarios had you received the correct treatment or received treatment in a timely manner.

Much of the evidence needed to support your claim requires complex medical analysis and statistical evaluation of your prognosis both with, and without, the oncologist’s mistake. Our lawyers have the resources needed to engage the services of those experts who can testify on your behalf.

FAQ: How is the cost of my pain and suffering valued after I suffered from oncologist malpractice?

The value of pain and suffering is slightly subjective. We will gather and present evidence about the additional treatments you were required to have because of the oncologist’s mistake. Often, those additional treatments will be much more invasive than those you really needed, before the cancer grew. We also get to know you and how the cancer impacted your life and your family. We take every facet of the cancer’s impact on your life into account in building our case to obtain damages for pain and suffering.

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