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Hillside Workers Compensation Lawyers

Workers Comp Attorneys in Hillside, NJ Assist Clients Recovering from Work Injuries or Occupational Diseases in Union County and Throughout New Jersey

Numerous workers in New Jersey suffer work-related illnesses and injuries that force them to take time off of work for medical care and rehabilitation. According to the workers’ compensation law of New Jersey, employees are entitled to specifically defined medical and financial benefits from their employers in order to lessen the severe effects of a work accident or occupational sickness. Sadly, some companies and their workers’ compensation insurers battle vehemently against claims made by injured workers in order to escape their duty to provide payments to the worker. You can advocate for your rights to benefits under state workers’ compensation legislation with the aid of our team of Hillside workers’ compensation lawyers.

Allow Team Law to vigorously pursue the financial compensation you require and deserve for your work-related sickness or accident. The skilled legal team at Team Law is prepared to put in an endless effort to ensure that your workers’ compensation claim is resolved in a way that is in your best interests. Significant workers’ compensation awards won for clients are part of our firm’s track record. Our Hillside workers’ compensation lawyers include certified trial attorneys, a title granted to less than 2% of the state’s attorneys, who have close to 30 years of expertise representing clients in workers’ compensation cases in all of New Jersey.

Contact a Hillside workers’ compensation attorney from our office for assistance in obtaining the benefits to which you are legally entitled if you have been injured at work. For a free initial consultation to discuss how our Hillside personal injury lawyers can help you with your case, get in touch with Team Law.

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Benefits From Workers’ Compensation to Which You May Be Entitled

You might be eligible to get financial aid to help you with your recovery from a job accident or occupational sickness in a Hillside workers’ compensation claim. The advantages of the workers’ compensation system can be:

paying all appropriate and required medical and rehabilitation costs

when a worker is temporarily unable to perform their pre-injury duties or hours, partial wage replacement is provided.

Benefits for a long-term partial disability that pay out money in accordance with the bodily part or parts that are disabled and the degree of the disability

Benefits for permanent total disability, which permit an employee to continue earning a portion of their wages as long as they are totally unable to conduct any type of productive occupation,

Death benefits are provided to surviving dependents and a portion of funeral and burial expenses when a worker passes away due to a work-related illness or injury.

Hillside Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Filing A NJ Workers’ Compensation Claim

By informing their employer of their accident and workers’ compensation claim, an injured worker in New Jersey may pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Employees must give notification of a job injury under the state’s workers’ compensation statute, usually within 14 days of the day the accident occurred. However, in order for an employee to be eligible for workers’ compensation payments, the notification must typically be given no later than 90 days following a work accident.

Workers who have been hurt at work can notify a manager or supervisor, a representative from the safety or HR department, or another high-ranking individual in the organization verbally or in writing. It is true that many firms have prepared claim forms that injured employees can use to notify them of their workers’ compensation claims.

When an employee reports a work-related injury or sickness, the employer is required to file a first report of injury with the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation. The employee’s claim must be accepted or rejected by the company or its workers’ compensation insurer within 60 days. An injured worker must submit a written claim petition to the Division of Workers’ Compensation if their employer fails to submit a report to the Division or otherwise rejects their claim or request for benefits. An injured worker may file a claim petition to request either a formal hearing before a workers’ compensation judge to get a binding decision on their workers’ compensation claim or an informal hearing to try to resolve their issue with their employer through mediation. An injured worker may also request financial compensation for their ongoing impairment or injury through a claim petition.

Finding a lawyer prepared to support your claim won’t be difficult given that the city is home to over 1,000 legal firms. Finding a lawyer will be simple, but choosing the proper one could be challenging. Many lawyers will hear your case, promise to help, and listen to you, but they won’t give you the time you need. When it comes to workers’ compensation claims, time is of the essence because there are deadlines that must be reached in order to get your full benefits. Being denied compensation for your job injuries because you choose the wrong law firm would be really terrible.

Lawyer For Workers’ Compensation In Hillside, New Jersey

Team Law’s Hillside workers’ compensation lawyers in New Jersey have experience and legal expertise in civil trial litigation. Years of our lives have been devoted to pursuing compensation for injured workers who have contacted our business. He has extensive litigation experience and has spent a large portion of his career as a civil lawyer in challenging trials. Many attorneys lack trial experience, which will be problematic if your case must go to trial. Most significantly, Dan is a stand-up guy who has received praise from prior clients for attending to their needs, fiercely defending their claims, and completing tasks on schedule. You will discover that many lawyers won’t give your case the attention it needs, are extremely slow, and frequently postpone deadlines. Our attorneys complete tasks when they promise to, if not sooner. Anyone looking for legal advice on their workers’ compensation claims is welcome to contact our office at any time. Keep in mind that time is of the essence in these types of instances; contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our workers comp attorneys in Hillside, NJ right away.

Contact our New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law for a free, no-obligation case review to discuss your legal rights and choices after getting hurt at work. To ensure you get the most compensation possible following a workplace injury, our Hillside workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law will fight hard for you.

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About Hillside, NJ

The Hillside Historical Society calls the Woodruff house on Conant Street, which is possibly the oldest residence in the township, it’s home. The society was founded in the 1980s. 1978 was the year that the Society made the purchase of the estate, and ever since then, it has been painstakingly brought back to its former splendor. At the Woodruff House, artifacts from each of the centuries are on display. This includes the original building that was constructed in 1735, the addition that was constructed in 1790, the kitchen that was constructed in the 1890s, and the store that was constructed in the 1900s.

The town enjoyed sustained economic growth over the course of several decades, reaching a peak in the 1960s. Those blue-collar residents of the city worked occupations in the manufacturing sector of the economy and worked in the central business district of the city. In the 1950s and 1960s, the majority of the township’s Jewish population was located in the neighborhood of Westminster as well as a portion of Hillside that was centered around Chancellor Avenue. The early 1950s saw the construction of Conant Park, which is now the largest park in the municipality.

Our Hillside Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lose my job if I’m receiving workers’ compensation?

An employer is still permitted to fire an at-will employee or an employee in accordance with the provisions of their employment contract even though it is forbidden to fire a worker in retribution for requesting workers’ compensation payments. Because the injured worker is unable to execute the essential duties of their job, the employer may even fire them. The employer’s duty to continue offering workers’ compensation benefits for a job injury or occupational sickness the employee contracted while employed by the employer is not terminated, however, by doing so.

Are benefits from workers’ compensation taxable?

Generally speaking, neither under New Jersey state law nor under federal tax law are workers’ compensation payouts regarded as taxable income. However, there are only a few situations in which benefits may be taxed, so it’s crucial to discuss your particular case with our workers comp attorneys in Hillside, NJ.

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