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A knee injury can both keep you from returning to work and prevent you from enjoying the activities you engaged in prior to your injury.  New Jersey employers have a responsibility to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance so that you get fair compensation when the injury is work-related.  

Unfortunately, knee injuries are common.  That makes it easier for your employer to deny compensation based on claims that you hurt your knee outside of work or that your injury was pre-existing.  At Team Law, our trusted Workers’ Compensation lawyers understand the “delay or deny” tactics your employer or the insurer may use.  

Our lawyers use the full weight of our substantial experience and skills to get you the benefits you need.  With over 60 years’ experience successfully helping clients get fair compensation, our lawyers understand the ins and outs of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation cases. 

To learn more about how we can protect your right to fair compensation, call Team Law’s experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyers today.

Common Causes and Types of Knee Injuries

In general, the knee is a series of bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons.  The patella (known as the kneecap) covers the area where the femur meets the tibia in the lower leg.  Knee injuries are often caused by:

You might be lucky and only sustain minor bruising to the knee.  However, our lawyers frequently see clients with knee injuries such as:

Some workers bounce back from a knee injury quickly.  More often than not, that knee injury will require extensive treatment and can even come back to haunt you at a later date.  Taking the time to recover fully from a knee injury can be the key to a successful recovery.

At Team Law, we understand the financial strain that results from being unable to work.  Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers move quickly to get you the fair financial benefits you need to pay your bills while you recover.  To learn more about our lawyers and schedule a free case review, call our office today.

Available Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Workplace Knee Injuries

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation benefits are designed to make you whole again after a work injury.  Like any other type of insurance, your employer pays Workers’ Compensation premiums to an insurance company.  In turn, that insurance company provides medical benefits, wage replacement benefits, and a monetary award if your injury fails to heal to 100% normal function when you are hurt at work. 

The medical benefits paid by Workers’ Compensation are comprehensive and cover more than most health insurance policies.  Workers’ Compensation medical benefits cover:

However, Workers’ Compensation medical benefits are not without limit.  The treatment required to be provided must reasonable and necessary from a medical standpoint.  In some cases, the insurance company might try to challenge whether you really need the treatment even when their own doctor recommends it.  

If you find yourself facing such a challenge, speak with our experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyers as soon as possible so that we can fight to get you the medical treatment you need.

Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Workplace Knee Injuries

To claim Workers’ Compensation benefits for your knee injury, the following must be true:

Whether your injury happened in the course of employment is another common issue that often arises when an employer tries to deny your claim for benefits.  Your employer might try to claim that you were engaging in “horseplay” at work, or that you were injured doing something entirely unrelated to work. 

Most injuries at work are covered by Workers’ Compensation—even if you had a knee injury in the past, and exacerbated that injury by something at work.  At Team Law, we are here to help you understand your rights and help you get fair benefits.  Call us today to learn more.

Call Today to Discuss Options for Recovering Fair Workers’ Compensation with the Experienced Injury Lawyers at Team Law Today

When you are injured, your initial focus should be on receiving top-quality medical care and your recovery.  Unfortunately, most injured workers also have financial pressures that must be addressed in the near-term.  Speaking with an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer is advisable if you are hurt at work—after all, you never know what type of challenge you might face down the road in claiming benefits. 

At Team Law, your first consultation is always free and without obligation.  You can schedule yours by calling our office or using our online contact form.   

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation in Knee Injury Cases

FAQ: Is there any minimum time that I must be out of work for my knee injury before I qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation wage replacement benefits become available if you have to miss at least eight days of work because of your injury. After that initial eight-day period has passed, however, you will be entitled to retroactive benefits to cover your lost wages during the first week.

FAQ: I hurt my knee playing sports when I was younger. I just twisted it again in a fall while I was working. Can I get Workers’ Compensation benefits?

Yes. Even if you had some type of pre-existing knee injury, if you injured it again at a later date, you can qualify for Workers’ Compensation. That is true as long as the new injury or aggravation of the old injury happened at work. In these cases, you might face challenges to your right to benefits. Call our office to discuss your case in detail so that we can get to work quickly to minimize any delays or claim denials you might face.

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