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Westfield Workers Compensation Lawyers

Workers Comp Attorneys in Westfield, NJ Assist Clients Recovering from Work Injuries or Occupational Diseases in Westfield County and Throughout New Jersey

The New Jersey state workers’ compensation system entitles you to specific financial compensation and benefits to aid you on your road to recovery if you have suffered a workplace injury or have been identified as having an occupational ailment. However, if you are having trouble obtaining the benefits you are entitled to, our workers comp attorneys in Westfield, NJ Law is prepared to fight for you. We put up a strong fight against any attempts made by unemployment or your employer to downplay your injuries or refuse or end the benefits you need to recuperate. Our firm will use all available means to help you get justice. For a free initial consultation after a work-related accident or sickness in Westfield, contact Team Law‘s Westfield personal injury lawyers. Let our Westfield workers’ compensation lawyers guide you through your legal options for pursuing any financial compensation to which you may be legally entitled.

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Benefits for Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey State

New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system can offer you a number of advantages to help you with your recovery if you have suffered from a work-related accident or illness. The benefits you could be eligible for under a workers’ compensation claim would depend on the seriousness of your illnesses or injuries, how quickly you recovered, and if you were left with a permanent impairment or disability. Benefits provided by workers’ compensation include:

Reimbursement of Costs – Pays for qualified travel costs to and from medical appointments or treatments as well as compensation for lost or damaged personal property resulting from a work accident.

Disability compensation – Provides compensation for a lifelong disability when you are still able to work. The sum is determined by the body part affected and the degree of the disability.

Medical advantages – Pays for medical care and rehabilitation following an occupational disease or work damage.

Replace lost wages – Offers benefits to make up a percentage of lost wages in the event that you lose time from work or return to work while recovering in a reduced-duty or lower-paying position.

Pension benefits – Provides remuneration to a worker who is entirely and permanently unable to perform any type of employment.

Vocational training – can assist you in finding new employment if you are unable to return to your previous position due to a work injury or occupational disease.

Death benefits – Provides pension payments to a worker’s family or dependents in the event that they pass away due to a work-related illness or injury and helps pay for their funeral and burial expenses.

Westfield Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Experienced Westfield Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you have never experienced a work-related injury or sickness, you might not be aware of how to apply for workers’ compensation payments. Steps involved in applying for benefits in Westfield include:

After being hurt at work, file a workers’ compensation claim right away. To learn more about what our Westfield workers’ compensation lawyers may do to help you obtain financial benefits that can aid in your recovery, get in touch with Team Law for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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Fun Facts About Westfield, New Jersey

Westfield has a rich and interesting history, spanning from the period when Native American tribes established their homes in the woodland area all the way up until the current day when it has developed into a prosperous suburban metropolis. The indigenous people who had lived in that area for decades sold the land to the then-governor of New York, Richard Nicolls, towards the middle of the 17th century. The land was located to the west of Elizabeth Town. The West Fields comprised a number of municipalities, including Springfield, Union, Rahway, Woodbridge, and Perth Amboy. There is a possibility that the future president spent the entirety of the Revolutionary War in Westfield.

On January 27, 1794, the ratification process for Westfield’s separation from Elizabeth Town was completed. At the time, Westfield only had a single school building, a single tavern, a single blacksmith shop, a single grocery store, and a single Presbyterian church. Despite the fact that Westfield saw its first train in 1838, it wasn’t until the early 20th century that the Central Railroad of New Jersey began providing service from the town to Jersey City. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Fairacres Track was not only used for horse racing but also as a thriving entertainment place. On July 4, 1900, the venue hosted its first race, and it didn’t take long for the half-mile track to establish itself as one of the most prestigious in the state.

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Westfield Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions regarding Workers’ Compensation

Are there taxes on workers’ compensation benefits?

Workers’ compensation benefits, such as wage replacement benefits, disability benefits, and pension benefits, are normally not taxed since they are treated by federal tax law as disability payments rather than earned income.

My company transferred me to a light duty position, do I have to accept the job?

You must accept the job if it is offered to you by your employer while you are still receiving treatment for a work accident or occupational sickness and your attending physician certifies that you can perform the duties within the constraints placed on you by your condition. You may reject the offer if your doctor finds that you are unable to perform the required duties. Your eligibility for pay loss replacement benefits may be in jeopardy if you refuse to return to work for your employer in a light or modified duty role that you may perform within your restrictions.

My company’s janitorial staff left a bathroom floor wet without any cautionary warnings, and I slipped on it. Can I receive damages for my injuries?

Yes, you can file a third-party claim for damages if a third party other than your employer was at fault for your slip and fall event that left you hurt. You may be able to file a third-party liability claim against the person or business responsible for maintaining the property where you work or their insurance provider if they permitted a hazardous condition to exist without properly advising the public of such a hazard and you were hurt as a result of that condition. Examples of such parties include cleaning companies.

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