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New Jersey Credit Card Fraud Defense Lawyers

Seasoned Defense Lawyers Put Proven Skills to Work for Clients Arrested on Credit Card Fraud Charges New Jersey

Credit card fraud is an indictable offense, meaning that it is a felony in New Jersey.  Conviction for credit card fraud can result in prison time, significant fines, restitution, probation, and more.  If you have been arrested or accused of committing credit card fraud, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you fight the charges.

At Team Law, our lawyers are dedicated to protecting your legal rights.  We know how to frame your case to present the circumstances in the best possible light.  Our lawyers can challenge the prosecution’s evidence and negotiate behind the scenes to get your charges dismissed or downgraded if possible.  With over 60 years’ practical courtroom experience, our credit card fraud defense lawyers are always prepared to advocate on your behalf at trial.

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Many clients mistakenly believe that a crime like credit card fraud won’t land you in jail.  On the contrary, a white-collar crime like credit card fraud can easily result in substantial prison time.  

As our society moves more and more toward a paperless, online presence, prosecuting credit card fraud cases has become a priority for New Jersey prosecutors.

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New Jersey Credit Card Fraud Act: N.J.S.A. 2C:21-6

Credit card fraud encompasses a variety of different illegal activities related to credit cards.  In the most general terms, credit card fraud involves using some type of deception involving credit cards for personal financial gain.  You could be accused of credit card or fraud based on circumstances involving any of the following allegations:

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Importantly, it is not always necessary for the prosecution to prove that you actually profited via the activities alleged in order to convict.  It is sometimes enough that you intended to use the credit card for personal gain.  Also note that you can be charged with credit card fraud for making false statements about yourself in order to get a credit card—and this includes lying about your income on the credit card application.

Regardless of the charges alleged, our experienced lawyers at Team Law will work to have the charges reduced or dismissed if possible—and are always ready to advocate on your behalf at trial.  For first offenders accused of relatively minor wrongdoing, we may even be able to get your charges downgraded to a non-criminal, misdemeanor-level offense.

Credit Card Fraud Carries Serious Penalties

Credit card fraud is a type of manipulation of the commerce system.  These types of offenses are taken very seriously because of the implications they have as to the security of our financial system. 

The three primary forms of illegal credit card fraud are credit card theft, fraudulent use of a credit card and making false statements to obtain a credit card.  Depending upon the circumstances, credit card fraud can be punished as a:

The actual punishment you will face depends upon a number of factors, including your past criminal history.  Repeat offenders tend to face harsher potential penalties. 

As in any type of criminal cases, consulting with an experienced credit card fraud defense lawyer early in the process can be key to getting the best result in your case.  The longer you wait, the more opportunity the prosecution has to build and develop their case.  At Team Law, our trusted defense lawyers get to work immediately to protect your rights throughout the entire criminal process.

Credit card fraud laws are complex.  You need a lawyer by your side who has specific experience handling complex cases—and who has practical experience arguing before a judge and jury.  At Team Law, we have been doing this for over 60 years.  You can trust that we will explore every viable defense strategy to get the best results possible for you.

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Not all credit card fraud allegations result in conviction.  Because new and evolving technology is often involved in these cases, the defenses and strategies best suited to fight credit card fraud are also always changing. 

At Team Law, we are known for providing innovative and strategic options for our clients.  We put forward the best defense possible in every case we take on.  To discuss your specific charges with an experienced New Jersey credit card fraud defense lawyer, call for a free initial consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Card Fraud Defense in New Jersey

FAQ: Can I be convicted of credit card fraud if the value of what I gained was very low?

Yes. Credit card fraud is a type of theft crime. Most theft crimes are graded in severity based upon the value of the stolen property. Credit card fraud is unique in that the value does not always play a role in your case—although it can in some cases. You can be charged with credit card fraud even if you made absolutely no profit from your activities.

FAQ: What will the prosecution have to prove to convict on credit card fraud charges? Are there any defenses?

The prosecution’s burden of proof can vary from case to case. From a factual perspective, the prosecution will have to prove that you did something deceptive or made some type of false representation. Possible defenses include the following:

– You did not know that the statements you made were false or fraudulent
– You did not intend to deceive anyone
– Mistake of fact, such as in a case where you actually had permission to possess or use someone else’s credit card information
– Mistake in your identity, meaning arguing that you did not actually commit the credit card fraud charged

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