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Perth Amboy Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Perth Amboy Legal Malpractice Attorneys Provide Aggressive Representation to Clients Harmed by Another Attorney’s Incompetence

When you hire a lawyer, you expect that they will always act in your best interests and will provide you with legal representation that meets the ethical and professional standards required of all attorneys. Although no lawyer can guarantee an outcome for any case or legal matter, every client is at least entitled to have their attorney use their best efforts and all their knowledge and skill in representing a client. However, when a lawyer fails to live up to this standard and instead provides a client with negligent representation, the harmed client may have a viable claim for legal malpractice. 

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Pursuing legal malpractice claims is not easy. These cases are incredibly complicated because they are a unique combination of both the lawyer’s actions and the underlying case or legal matter itself. When you have a potential legal malpractice claim against your attorney, you need a lawyer with the experience and the resources necessary to handle the complexity of these claims.

For more than 60 years, the Perth Amboy attorneys at Team Law have successfully helped clients recover compensation when they have been harmed by the negligence of another attorney. We help our clients succeed in their legal malpractice cases by fighting to prove that our clients would have received a better outcome in their underlying case or legal matter but for their attorney’s mistakes or unlawful or unethical conduct. 

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Competent Representation Required by the New Jersey Rules of Professional Conduct Governing Lawyers

The New Jersey rules of professional conduct required every attorney to provide competent representation. Although competent representation does not require an attorney to be an expert in a client’s matter, an attorney is still expected to have sufficient expertise and skill to acquire the knowledge necessary to properly handle a client’s case. However, a lawyer’s representation can fall below this required standard when the lawyer:

Perth Amboy Attorneys at Team Law Fight for the Rights of Clients Who Have Suffered from Legal Malpractice 

Many people who have been harmed by an attorney’s negligence may not realize that a legal malpractice claim is often a complex matter to pursue. That is why our attorneys here at Team Law use our expertise to successfully prove that your lawyer’s conduct rose to the level of legal malpractice that you should be compensated for. We succeed in our clients’ cases by proving every element of a claim for legal malpractice:

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If you believe that you may have been the victim of legal malpractice, contact the offices of Team Law today to discuss the details of your case and your legal rights and options. Don’t wait another day to start the process of pursuing the financial recovery you may be entitled to after you have been harmed by the negligent representation of your attorney.

About Perth Amboy, NJ

Perth Amboy is a city located in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Known as the “City by the Bay” due to its location on Raritan Bay, Perth Amboy is considered part of the New York City metropolitan area. Originally home to Lenape Native Americans who called the area “Ompoge”, Perth Amboy was settled by Scottish colonists in 1683 and originally called “New Perth” in honor of James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth. The Lenape word Ompoge was later corrupted into “Amboy”, giving the city its present-day name. Perth Amboy served as capital of New Jersey from 1686 to 1776. In the 19th century, Perth Amboy developed a significant industrial base, dominated in large part by copperworks. By the late 20th century, Perth Amboy began to redevelop its waterfront area to house new resorts, promenades, and parks overlooking Raritan Bay. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Perth Amboy, NJ Legal Malpractice

FAQ: If I sue my attorney for malpractice is he or she required keep things I told him or her confidential?

Unfortunately, one of the factors that a client must consider before bringing a legal malpractice claim against his or her attorney is that communications that the client made to the attorney in confidence that are now relevant to his or her legal malpractice claim may be disclosed by the attorney in defending himself or herself against a legal malpractice claim; this is because a client effectively waives confidentiality by putting these matters at issue in a legal malpractice claim. Our legal malpractice attorneys can help you weigh your need for confidentiality against the benefits of a legal malpractice claim.

FAQ: Can I fire my lawyer?

Yes. You have the right to have the attorney of your choice. You are not required to continue being represented by an attorney; however, if you decide to terminate the services of your attorney, you may still be responsible for paying sums of money that are contractually due under your fee agreement with your attorney. If your attorney is representing you in a court case, you should also be mindful that if you seek to change attorneys right before your scheduled trial, the court may decline to delay the trial to allow you to hire a new attorney if the court determines that you are simply trying to delay or frustrate the process of justice.

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