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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Auto Mechanics

Leading Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Represent Injured Auto Mechanics Across New Jersey

Auto mechanics are at risk for a number of work injuries and illnesses.  While some of these may be sustained over time based on the nature of the work itself, most of these injuries are caused by a single work accident. New Jersey Workers’ Compensation gives every employee the right to medical benefits wage replacement while they recover, and a cash payment for any permanent loss of function of the injured body part—even if you yourself caused the accident and injury.

If you or a loved one were injured working as an auto mechanic, call Team Law today for a free case review.  Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers have been helping accident victims across New Jersey for over 60 years.  We know what it takes to win full compensation in your case and are ready to put our skills and experience to work for you.

When you’re hurt and out of work, the last thing you need to worry about is another unpaid bill.  Our lawyers evaluate your case for free.  We work on a contingency basis—meaning we only collect attorneys’ fees if we win compensation in your case.  Call us today to learn more about how we can help you get the benefits and medical treatment you need.

Types of Work Injuries Sustained by Auto Mechanics

While auto repair shop owners must provide a safe working space to protect the auto mechanic’s safety, even with appropriate safety precautions, work accidents happen. 

The exact risk of injury and illness to an auto worker often depends on the type of work being done.  Most injuries are due to a traumatic accident, while some occur due to exposure to  brake fluids and substances, gear trains, hydraulic pumps and other components.  In general, auto mechanics are at risk of sustaining:

Some auto mechanic injuries heal quickly with proper care.  Even if you are lucky, you shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial burden of medical expenses and lost wages even for a few weeks of time off work.  Our lawyers at Team Law are here to work to get you every dollar you deserve to receive.

Injured as an Auto Mechanic?  Learn How the Top-Rated Injury Lawyers at Team Law Can Help You Get Fair compensation and Benefits

If you were hurt or made sick by something at work, you might find yourself completely unable to work.  You might only be able to do part of your job or work a few hours a week.  You might also quickly learn that the Workers’ Compensation system is not as simple as it sounds. 

At Team Law, we are here to help you through any difficulties you encounter in the system.  Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers will:

At Team Law, we have been successfully helping clients get fair Workers’ Compensation benefits for decades.  Because of this, we have seen most of the tactics employers and insurance companies use to deny you fair benefits.  We know what to do in the face of a challenge and have an in-depth understanding of the law.  To learn more about how we can help resolve your specific issue, call our office for a free consultation today.

Call Team Law Today if You Were Hurt Working as an Auto Mechanic in New Jersey

Sometimes you need someone with experience to advocate on your behalf to make sure you get proper benefits.  At Team Law, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers will work tirelessly to get you the Workers’ Compensation benefits you deserve.  If you were injured working as an auto mechanic in New Jersey, call us today to learn more about our services.  We will review your case for free and discuss strategies for getting you fair compensation as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation for Auto Mechanics

FAQ: Can I get Workers’ Compensation and pursue a lawsuit against someone who caused my work accident?

Sometimes. If you, your employer or a co-worker somehow caused your injury or illness, you can’t file a lawsuit, and Workers’ Compensation is your only option. However, if your boss sent out a piece of machinery to be repaired, and the repair shop was negligent in fixing the machine, that repair shop can be held responsible if you were hurt because of it.

FAQ: Can my boss fire me for claiming Workers’ Compensation?

No. New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law prohibits employers from retaliating or discriminating against employees who claim Workers’ Compensation benefits. However, many employers might fire you for another, made up reason. If you suspect that your employer’s motive was to punish you for claiming Workers’ Compensation, call us today to discuss your options.

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