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New Jersey Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers

You Can Rely on the Experienced New Jersey Lawyers at Team Law to Help Defend a Charge of a Violent Crime

In New Jersey, many offenses are considered violent crimes. While there is a broad range of offenses that fall under this category, each can come with penalties that can affect you for the rest of your life. It is important to understand what crimes in New Jersey are considered violent crimes and to understand the possible punishment that can come with this category of offenses in the state.

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Types of Violent Crimes in New Jersey

In New Jersey, most violent crimes are among the worst crimes you can commit

In New Jersey, all violent crimes are very serious and can deprive you of your liberty for the rest of your life, as well as come with very heavy fines.

Many violent crime charges are complicated by the fact that they can be highly emotional and are often in the public spotlight, making them very difficult for inexperienced lawyers to fully and adequately defend. Anyone charged with a violent crime in New Jersey needs to completely understand both the nature of the charge and the possible penalties that come with it.

Violent crimes in New Jersey include these serious offenses

Possible Defenses to Violent Crimes in New Jersey

A law firm experienced in defending people charged with violent crimes understands the complexity of each charge. In New Jersey, violent crimes can have a profound impact upon the rest of your life and may result in lifetime imprisonment, possibly without hope for parole. At Team Law, we look at all of the specifics of each case, as each violent crime case is different and merits its own strategy.

There are some defenses in violent crimes cases that are more common than others. Self defense, for example, is often employed as an effective defense in violent crimes cases if the facts of the case make this defense a viable option.

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Other defenses to charges in New Jersey of a violent crime include:

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If you have been charged with a violent crime in New Jersey you need to act quickly to allow yourself as much time as possible to build a viable defense to the charges. Contact Team Law today and we will fight for your rights as an individual accused of a serious crime. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Violent Crimes Defense in New Jersey

In New Jersey, it is possible to have charges reduced in a violent crime?

Yes. Where legal counsel effectively and timely sets forth a valid defense to your charges, it is possible that the court could reduce the charges and penalties for the crime.

Can I be charged with murder in New Jersey if I killed someone but did not mean to?

You cannot be charged with murder if you did not intend to kills someone, but you can be charged with a lesser violent crime, such as manslaughter. To be convicted of murder, the prosecution must prove that you knowingly or purposely killed someone, or that you caused the death of another person while committing another type of violent crime

Are sex crimes considered to be violent crimes in New Jersey?

Yes, Sexual assault and sexual abuse, as well as domestic violence offenses, are all considered to be violent crimes in New Jersey. As violent crimes, sex crimes may have a lifetime of consequences for you if not properly defended in a court of law. Contact Team Law today to ensure that you have experienced representation in any case involving a violent crime.

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