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When you choose an attorney to represent you in a case, you expect that your attorney will be an effective, valuable advocate for you and will vigorously represent your interests in your case or legal matter. So what happens when your attorney makes an egregious mistake in your case or legal matter in which you suffer a less than favorable outcome, or when your attorney engages in illegal or unethical behavior in violation of your confidence and trust? When you’ve been the victim of negligent representation by an attorney, you may be entitled to pursue a legal malpractice claim. These types of claims are factually complex and can be difficult to prove. To successfully pursue a legal malpractice claim in Orange, NJ, you need skilled Orange legal malpractice lawyers in your corner. But choosing another attorney after your trust and confidence has been violated by another lawyer can be a difficult process. 

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Types of Legal Malpractice That Can Occur in Orange, NJ

Legal malpractice can arise in a variety of situations, but establishing that a mistake by an attorney has risen to the level of malpractice requires examining a considerable amount of evidence. Some examples of legal malpractice that our attorneys come across include:

Team Law Dedicated to Holding Negligent Lawyers Accountable for Their Malpractice in Orange, NJ

A successful legal malpractice claim requires showing that a lawyer committed an act or omission that fell below the accepted standards required of attorneys, and that the client suffered some harm as a result of the lawyer’s conduct. Proving these elements usually involves undertaking a thorough investigation into your underlying case or legal matter to show how your attorney’s actions impacted the case and to prove that you would have received a different, better outcome but for your attorney’s mistakes or negligent conduct. Finally, we are skilled in showing how you suffered harm as a result of your attorney’s misconduct. There is no legal malpractice if the client was not harmed by the attorney’s mistakes — for example, if an attorney made an egregious error in a case but the client would have regardless lost the case on the facts. This is why legal malpractice claims are referred to as two cases in one or a “case within a case”. Our attorney negligence lawyers in Orange, NJ have the experience and knowledge to successfully navigate the factual complexities of legal malpractice claims.

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Orange Legal Malpractice Lawyers

If you feel you have been harmed or suffered some injury to your rights as a result of your attorney’s negligent representation in an underlying case or legal matter, contact the Orange legal malpractice lawyers of Team Law today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your case and to learn more about your legal rights and options. Not every bad outcome in a case or legal matter is the result of legal malpractice; our experienced attorney negligence lawyers in Orange, NJ can expertly advise you as to whether you are entitled to compensation for your attorney’s mistakes or conduct.

About Orange, NJ

Orange is a township located in Essex County, New Jersey. Orange was initially settled by groups from Connecticut’s New Haven Colony. In 1664 the land was conveyed by King James I of England to proprietors Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret as the colony of New Jersey. Orange was initially part of the present-day city of Newark, with the township referred to as “Newark Mountains”. The township’s name was changed to Orange in 1780, and it officially seceded from Newark in 1806 and was incorporated as a city in 1860. Thereafter, portions of the city broke off to form the communities of South Orange, East Orange, and West Orange. Throughout its history, Orange has been an industrial center, being a hub for various industries including hatmaking, brewing, and office accessories and supplies. In 1982, Orange’s citizens to re-incorporate as a township.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Legal Malpractice

Can I recover damages for emotional distress caused by my lawyer’s malpractice?

As a general rule, a person is not eligible to be compensated for emotional distress caused by an attorney’s malpractice. This is because legal malpractice is seen as an injury to a person’s rights that causes him or her to suffer some form of financial harm, as opposed to a type of personal injury. In rare cases, a client can recover damages for emotional distress if he or she can demonstrate that there were some extreme or egregious circumstances that caused the client to suffer emotional distress unconnected to his or her financial loss.

What should I do if my attorney won’t give me my file?

A client file is the property of the client and an attorney is required to provide the file to the client upon request, although the attorney is permitted to keep a copy of the file for his or her own records. If your attorney is avoiding or ignoring your requests for your case file, you should provide your attorney with a written request for your attorney to send your case file by a certain state, or advising your attorney that you will be at their office on a certain date to pick up your file. If you are still unable to obtain your file, contact our legal malpractice attorneys to discuss your legal rights and options.

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