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Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

Car crashes are frightening events that can lead to life-threatening or fatal outcomes. When a car lands on its roof or side, the accident is called a rollover. Rollover car accidents are worse than they look as they have a higher fatality rate. In 2010, over two percent of traffic accidents were rollovers.

If you or a loved one was involved in a rollover car accident in New Jersey, you should contact a trusted rollover car accident lawyer after receiving emergency medical care. At Team Law, we can provide legal talent and effective representation for our clients who are seeking financial compensation from rollover accidents.

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Understanding Rollover Car Accidents

When an object or obstacle interferes with the ordinary motion of the car, it can cause the vehicle to pitch sideways or forward. This is one of the most common causes of car rollover crashes. Below is a quick look at other contributory causes:

Oftentimes, SUVs are involved in rollover accidents. These vehicles have a higher profile, narrow wheelbase, and feature inherent instability.

Why Do You Need Rollover Car Accident Lawyers?

When rollover car accidents occur, many drivers tend to get seriously injured. These may be life-changing injuries that leave the victim deceased, disabled, or need to go through a lengthy physical rehabilitation process. In addition to that, the personal injury protection aspect of an insurance policy may not cover their long-term medical costs. That’s why victims should seek additional financial compensation in court. One must first understand his or her rights and that’s why the services of a Team Law rollover car accident lawyer are needed.

How Team Law Can Help

New Jersey rollover car accident attorneys from Team Law have decades of combined experience representing injured individuals. Our team can assist clients with gathering and preserving important evidence; work with accident reconstructionists and other personnel to determine the exact cause of the accident. For example, we can determine if the accident was caused by defective automobile features, improper weight distribution, blown tires, and more.

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You can rest assured that Team Law has a clear understanding of liability. Using our knowledge, experience, and aggressive approach, our personal injury attorneys will negotiate with the insurance carrier of at-fault parties and reach a beneficial settlement.

Choose Team Law Rollover Car Accident Lawyers Today

Team Law has been providing high-quality legal representation services for our clients in New Jersey for over 60 years. Our attorneys work tirelessly to secure maximum financial damages for our clients’ medical care costs, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. In addition to providing affordable legal solutions, our clients do not pay us until they receive financial compensation. That’s not all. We also pay the upfront costs of pursuing our clients’ legal actions first! It’s a Team Law advantage because we aim to initiate our clients’ claim processes without delay.

Discover more about Team Law’s rollover car accident lawyers. Contact us today and schedule a free initial consultation with us. You can get the best legal representation that you need by calling 732-388-5454.

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