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New Jersey Aggravated Assault Lawyers

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend Clients Accused of Aggravated Assault in New Jersey

Aggravated assault is a violent crime that carries serious, lasting penalties.  In addition to the stigma of being labeled a violent criminal, conviction can result in jail time and surprisingly high financial penalties.  Even if you were only trying to defend yourself or your property, it’s important to get legal help immediately.

At Team Law, our criminal defense lawyers will fight to help you avoid the most serious penalties that New Jersey courts can impose.  We have over 60 years’ experience navigating the justice system.  Our lawyers use our knowledge and that practical experience to investigate your case and negotiate with prosecutors.  Our goal?  A not guilty verdict in your case.

Facing Aggravated Assault Charges And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

No lawyer can ever guarantee results.  An experienced lawyer with a proven track record of success does, however, give you the best shot at a favorable result.  Team Law takes our clients seriously.  Our lawyers handle cases personally.  That means we sit down, listen to your side and help you weigh your options–and we do this as often as necessary while your case progresses.

To learn more about how Team Law can develop a strong and effective defense strategy for you, call or contact our office today.  Your first consultation is always free.

Aggravated Assault Under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1

Assault in New Jersey is classified as either simple assault or aggravated assault.  When the charges are “aggravated”, that means some serious factor was involved to make the crime more serious.  

Examples of some of the situations where simple assault charges can be elevated to aggravated assault include cases where defendant:

Aggravated assault is more than a simple bar fight with a friend.  The prosecution must prove both that a violent altercation occurred and the required elements of the aggravating factor.  The issue of intent or knowledge is often critical in aggravated assault cases.

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Aggravated Assault is a Serious Felony-Level Offense in New Jersey

Aggravated assault is either a second, third or fourth-degree felony in New Jersey.  Grading will depend upon a number of things, including the severity of the injuries and the identity of the victim.  

For example, if you recklessly caused serious bodily injury (rather than purposely or knowingly), it is a fourth-degree felony.  If you purposely tried to hurt someone with a deadly weapon, third-degree charges can apply.  Second-degree charges are reserved for more serious crimes–including hurting someone while fleeing the police.

Regardless of grading, penalties for aggravated assault can be harsh.  Even if you are a first-time offender, you can face serious prison time, as follows:

If convicted, you will walk away with a criminal record.  Employers, potential landlords and anyone who conducts a routine background check will know that you were convicted of a violent crime.  

Trusted Criminal Defense Team Will Fight to Help You Beat Aggravated Assault Charges

Developing a defense strategy to violent criminal charges is always challenging.  At Team Law, we work to get the evidence necessary to effectively tell your side of the story.  

Self-defense is often relevant in defending aggravated assault charges.  However, proving self defense is complex under New Jersey law even if you were in your own home.  You can only use deadly force after warning the trespasser.  If you were out in public, you can only use force to defend yourself that is reasonably equal to the force being used against you.  

It’s also possible that you didn’t know the other person suffered from some pre-existing condition that could make their injuries more serious in a fight.  In other words, we can show that you didn’t intend to cause serious injury.

Regardless of the facts, you need a strong lawyer who can fight to have the charges against you downgraded or even dismissed.  

Arrested on Aggravated Assault Charges?  Call for a Free Case Review with an Experienced New Jersey Defense Attorney

At Team Law, we take an aggressive approach to criminal defense.  We prepare every case as though we will be fighting for your freedom at trial.

Your first consultation is free.  You have nothing to lose in getting our expert legal advice, so call the experienced New Jersey aggravated assault defense lawyers Team Law today to learn more about defending your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Aggravated Assault Charges

FAQ: I was defending someone else and arrested on aggravated assault charges. Is defending someone else a defense?

Yes, defending another person can be a valid defense to aggravated assault charges. However, we also have to show that the force you used was reasonable under the circumstances. That means we have to show that you only used the amount of force necessary to stop the other person–that the amount of force used was equal to that being used against you.

These cases can be particularly complex. You need a lawyer who will investigate to gather all evidence to support your defense–including video surveillance, eyewitness testimony, and more. Our lawyers are up to the task, so call us today to tell us what happened.

FAQ: Can I be charged with aggravated assault if I got into a fight with a friend who was more seriously hurt than was intended?

Yes. A “mutual fight” defense is valid, but it is unlikely to result in the charges being dropped. If we can show that the fight was consensual, the prosecution may downgrade the charge to simple assault, which is a misdemeanor level crime, or even a municipal violation.

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