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New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyers

New Jersey Dog Bite Injury Attorneys Fight for Victims’ Right to Fair Compensation for Serious Injuries

The severity of injuries incurred after dog bites can be shocking to many.  Every year, throughout the country, approximately 850,000 individuals require medical attention for injuries caused by dog bites. Dog attacks send 350,000 people to the emergency room every year. In some cases, victims may even suffer fatal injuries from an attacking dog. If you or a loved one has already suffered a significant injury associated with a dog bite, you should consult with the experienced New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyers at Team Law as soon as possible to preserve your right to compensation.

Dog owners, however, do have a responsibility under New Jersey law to keep other people safe from harm when their dog is present. In the event that a dog decides to react by biting someone or otherwise attacking another person, the owner of that dog may be held legally responsible.

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We know that many dog bite victims may be reluctant to take legal action.  Pets are a wonderful addition to life, but when they cause serious injury to humans, you shouldn’t be left to shoulder the financial cost of the dog owner’s carelessness.  To schedule your free initial consultation to discuss options in your case, call or contact us online today.

Dog Bite Injuries Can be Severe and Costly

If you or your child sustains a dog bite, you may be eligible to recover compensation to assist with the medical treatments required for your injuries as well as the psychological impact of the accident.

Many people do not realize that dog bites can develop into infections or other secondary medical problems. Dog bites can also be disfiguring to the point where they may have psychological damage and have to go through multiple surgeries in order to attempt to correct the problem.  When the dog bite breaks the skin, some of the serious medical issues that can develop include:

In these serious cases, our team of experienced dog bite attorneys at Team Law are here to protect your legal right for fair compensation. The law states that the victims of dog bite injuries may have grounds to pursue monetary compensation for injuries and damages that are caused by another person’s pet.

How Our Skilled Lawyers Can Help in Your Case

Dog owners may have a difficult time believing that their canine may have disliked a stranger or may engage in an attacking behavior. And an owner’s refusal to acknowledge that their dog could be startled or frightened by a person’s behavior could give them a false sense of security—meaning that they may not have taken precautions to keep others safe.

New Jersey dog owners are generally required to:

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The traumatizing experience of a dog bite attack can make it difficult to know what to do after receiving medical treatment. For example, you may be confused about whether or not you need to engage with the dog owner’s insurance company.  Our accident lawyers are here to help you understand your rights and handle any complications that arise, such as situations where:

We work to reach a fair compensation award in every case, which should include:

The mere availability of insurance coverage does not guarantee you fair compensation.  Remember that the insurance company is primarily interested in protecting their bottom line and not you. Our injury lawyers work hard on behalf of dog bite victims New Jersey to craft a compelling case that rewards you with the compensation you deserve.

Call Our Talented Injury Lawyers to Learn About Your Right to Compensation Under New Jersey Law

If you have sustained dog bite injuries, the accident lawyers at Team Law are here to help. We understand the New Jersey laws that place responsibility upon all dog owners for the injuries caused by their pet.  We put out 60-plus years of experience to work in exploring every option for pursuing the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

Consulting with a lawyer sooner rather than later is always advantageous.  Our accident lawyers can give you a better perspective about what is involved in protecting your rights and the things you need to do to fight for compensation. Contact the experienced lawyers at Team Law today to schedule your free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bite Claims in New Jersey

FAQ: My friend’s dog bit me and my friend offered to pay my medical bills. Should I accept?

In many cases, animal owners try to reach a settlement with you personally and suggest a small amount of money to cover the medical bills for your injuries. This avoids the need for filing a claim with their insurance company. Accepting such an offer can be a mistake because it may minimize the extent of the injuries and the medical costs associated with your dog bite medical conditions. Once you reach a settlement, you may not be able to go back later and get compensation for additional costs. It’s important to speak with an injury lawyer first to make sure you understand all consequences of accepting an out-of-pocket settlement.

FAQ: Who will actually pay the compensation for my dog bite injuries?

The dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance policy will usually ultimately pay your compensation. Claims based on dog bite injuries are a type of premises liability claim—because the dog is legally the property of the owner. Like any other piece of property, the owner is legally responsible for keeping others reasonably safe from injury.

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