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Linden Workers Compensation Lawyers

Workers Comp Attorneys in Linden, NJ Assist Clients Recovering from Work Injuries or Occupational Diseases in Union County and Throughout New Jersey

The likelihood is that the last thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning and prepare to leave for work is if you will get hurt at work. In the same vein, going to work every day shouldn’t imply getting sick from the job. Unfortunately, work-related diseases and accidents do happen. Additionally, employees who sustain injuries while carrying out their tasks on the job are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, is your injury regarded as a work-related injury? Do you have a condition that qualifies as a work-related illness? Using their vast expertise in assisting New Jersey workers who have been hurt on the job, our Linden workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law can provide you with the answers to these issues and more.

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Injury Rates at Work by Profession

Injuries and diseases incurred while working are covered by workers’ compensation. This might include workplace mishaps as well as ongoing and repetitive stress from the job. Exposure to toxic compounds and occupational diseases are both covered by workers’ compensation.

Our Linden workers’ compensation lawyers handle cases involving the following professions’ occupational injuries:

Linden Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Workers’ compensation benefits, which include the following, may be available to New Jersey employees who become ill at work or are injured on the job.

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Our Committed Workers Comp Attorneys in Linden, NJ Fight for Benefits for COVID-19-Covered New Jersey Essential Workers As The Pandemic Spread

During the coronavirus epidemic, essential employees, including those in the healthcare and transportation industries, first responders, social workers, delivery drivers, and grocery store employees, were expected to report to work. A new law, signed by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in September 2020, makes it simpler for New Jersey’s essential workers to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if they contract COVID-19 during the pandemic. The law is retroactive to March 9, 2020, and was signed into effect in September 2020.

Given that the essential employee develops the coronavirus while working away from home during the public health emergency. The responsibility is on the employer to demonstrate that the employee was not exposed to the coronavirus at work if the workers’ compensation claim is rejected by the employer or the insurer.

Additionally, workers in New Jersey might be qualified for short-term disability payments if they were instructed to quarantine after known exposure to the coronavirus while doing their duties by either public health authorities or their employers. Contact our Linden personal injury lawyers for more information.

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About Linden, NJ

Linden is one of the major cities in the state of New Jersey, and it can be found in the most southeasterly part of Union County. The township that would later become the city was established in 1861 on territory that had been taken from Elizabeth, Rahway, and Union Township. The name of the town comes from the German linden trees that were brought to the area. A small general aviation airstrip known as the Linden Airport may be found in the neighborhood.

The United States Navy commissioned the construction of the airport in 1942 so that it could carry out research and development on the Grumman F4F Wildcat aircraft. Along the banks of the Rahway River is where you will find the Hawk Rise Sanctuary. This bird sanctuary on 95 acres was built in 2012 by the New Jersey Audubon Society in partnership with the City of Linden.

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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Claims: Frequently Asked Questions

If I was hurt at work but I was also somewhat to blame for my injury, can I still make a workers’ compensation claim?

Yes. Workers who sustain injuries at work are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, even if they contributed to the accident in some way. When deciding whether an employee qualifies for workers’ compensation payments, the fault is not taken into account. You don’t have to provide evidence that your employer, coworkers, or anybody else did anything illegal in order to submit a workers’ compensation claim. Additionally, you can be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits even if you caused your own workplace injury.

At work, I got hurt. But won’t my company get into problems if I make a workers’ compensation claim? Will I suffer the consequences of speaking up?

According to the law, if you are hurt at work and make a workers’ compensation claim, your employer is not allowed to treat you differently, discipline you, fire you, or take any other adverse action against you. Employees who submit workers’ compensation claims forfeit their right to sue their employer or any other coworkers for further compensation. The employer and the employee are basically shielded from further legal action by the opposing side because employers are not held accountable in workers’ compensation claims and culpability is not a factor.

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