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Piscataway Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers Comp Attorneys in Piscataway, NJ Assist Clients Recovering from Work Injuries or Occupational Diseases in Middlesex County and Throughout New Jersey

Have you received a diagnosis of a disease or medical condition that has a connection to your job? Have you been hurt at work in an accident? The workers’ compensation system in New Jersey may allow you to recover payments that will assist pay for your medical care as well as make up for any lost wages or income as a result of your absence from work. However, if your employer or its workers’ compensation insurer is preventing you from receiving the benefits you believe you are entitled to, let Piscataway workers’ compensation lawyers fight for your rights and interests.

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At our firm, our Piscataway workers’ compensation lawyers won’t stop working until we’ve obtained all the advantages and compensation available in your case. For over 60 years, the workers comp attorneys in Piscataway, NJ at Team Law have defended injured workers all around New Jersey. Our workers comp attorneys in Piscataway, NJ have obtained significant compensation awards for our clients at that time. You can have confidence that our Piscataway personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and assets required to fully explore your legal options.

Contact Piscataway workers’ compensation lawyers from our office for assistance if you were hurt at work and are having trouble obtaining the workers’ compensation benefits you think you are entitled to. To learn more about how our legal team can defend your rights and interests in your workers’ compensation claim, get in touch with us immediately for a free initial case review.

What Workers’ Compensation Can Offer You Following an Accident at Work

Piscataway Workers' Compensation Lawyers

You may be eligible to obtain payments from workers’ compensation following a work injury, such as:

Making a Workers’ Compensation Benefits Claim

A worker who sustains an injury on the job is obligated to report the incident and file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. An injured worker has 14 days at the absolute most to report their injury to their employer. But if the worker doesn’t notify the company within 90 days, they may forfeit their workers’ comp benefits. Even though it’s best practice to give notice in writing, employees can still give verbal notice to their employers. Notification may be given to the employee’s manager or supervisor, the company’s human resources or safety departments, or any other appropriate party.

When an employee reports a work-related injury, the employer is required to report the incident to the state’s Division of Workers’ Compensation. The employee’s claim for benefits must subsequently be approved or rejected by the employer or its workers’ compensation insurer within 60 days. An injured worker must next submit a formal claim petition to the Division if their employer rejects their work injury claim, fails to file a First Report of Injury with the Division, fails to pay all benefits to which they may be entitled, or stops paying benefits altogether. The worker has two options: either go through with a formal claim hearing where the workers’ compensation court will make a legally binding judgement on the worker’s claim, or request mediation in an informal hearing with a workers’ compensation judge to arbitrate a resolution with their employer. Additionally, a claim petition must be submitted in order to obtain cash compensation for a worker’s long-term illness or disability.

How Expert Piscataway Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help With Your Workplace Accident Claim

Your life may become very difficult if you’ve been hurt at work or have an occupational disease. First of all, your injury’s agony and discomfort may be incapacitating. The inability to earn a living to support your family can add to your stress while you work to recover from your injuries. Additionally, costly medical expenses start to accrue, and before you realize it, you’re totally overwhelmed. The easiest approach to prevent this circumstance is to enlist the help of skilled workers comp attorneys in Piscataway, NJ. By hiring a lawyer, you may be sure that your workers’ compensation claim will be properly and on time filed. Additionally, a lawyer will examine the specifics of your case and choose the best course of action to ensure that you receive the greatest compensation. Please get in touch with Team Law very once to discuss receiving compensation for your work-related illness or injury.

Workers’ Compensation in Piscataway

In the New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation Court, our Piscataway workers’ compensation lawyers handle several cases and have developed close ties with the employees. Our firm has a track record of winning cases in this court that resulted in our clients receiving full reimbursement for their medical expenses and lost wages due to work-related injuries. Our firm will represent you in the New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation Court if you were hurt at work in Piscataway or the surrounding region and fight for the benefits you are entitled to.

System of Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation System was established to meet the need for protecting workers who suffered illnesses or injuries while carrying out their job-related obligations. Prior to the implementation of this system, businesses would frequently just disregard injured workers after they were unable to fulfill their previous duties. No-fault insurance, which pays for medical expenses and lost income for workers injured while on the job, is now a legal requirement for companies. “No-fault” means that the employee is entitled to pay for the ensuing medical expenses and missed income regardless of who caused the damage. As a result, you may be entitled to compensation if you have been hurt at work. Unfortunately, insurance firms have corrupted the system that was once intended to safeguard employees by inappropriately attempting to prevent wounded workers from receiving compensation. This is why it is essential to engage with highly knowledgeable Piscataway workers’ compensation lawyers who will tenaciously pursue the benefits you are entitled to and who is familiar with all the subtleties of the New Jersey workers’ compensation system.

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The township of Piscataway is found in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Rutgers University is located there, and it is a suburb of New York City. In the town, there are about 57,000 people living. The diversified population and strong feeling of community of Piscataway are well known. It offers numerous parks and recreational areas in addition to a selection of eateries and commercial areas.

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Contact the Piscataway workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law for assistance if you require workers’ compensation benefits after suffering a work injury or being diagnosed with an occupational illness related to your job. To help you better understand your legal rights and alternatives for filing a workers’ compensation claim, we provide free, no-obligation consultations.

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Common Questions Regarding Workers’ Compensation in Piscataway, NJ

Is your eligibility for Social Security disability payments impacted by a workers’ compensation claim?

Yes. Although you are eligible for both workers’ compensation and Social Security disability benefits, the combined amount of each cannot be more than 80% of your typical weekly salary prior to the injury. Your workers’ compensation benefits may be deducted from your Social Security disability benefits if your total benefits exceed this limit.

How long may you receive workers’ compensation?

When your disease has improved to its fullest extent or no additional treatment is expected to help, workers’ compensation medical benefits may be continued. While permanent partial disability payments are provided for a maximum of 600 weeks, temporary disability wage benefits are only paid for a maximum of 400 weeks. Benefits for permanent complete disability, which are paid when you are unable to perform any type of occupation, may last as long as you continue to be fully incapacitated.

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