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States across the country have relaxed laws criminalizing marijuana use and possession.  New Jersey is not one of the states in which marijuana is completely legal for recreational use.  While the punishment for marijuana charges may be less severe than in cases involving more dangerous drugs, you can still face criminal charges—and a lasting criminal record.

Marijuana charges should not be taken lightly.  You can face problems getting a job or even keeping your current job if convicted.  At Team Law, we have helped many clients in similar situations put mistakes in the past.  We are here to look out for your best interests so that a simple mistake doesn’t jeopardize your future—whether that mistake was yours or a police error.

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If you have been arrested on marijuana charges, you can call Team Law anytime for help.  We offer a free case review so that you can learn more about your rights and our services without any obligation.  You can also use our online contact form to tell us what happened.  Our lawyers are ready to put more than 60 years’ experience to work for you.

Overview of Potential New Jersey Marijuana Charges

If you are arrested on marijuana charges, the severity of the offense will depend upon the weight of the marijuana involved.  The penalties can also be more serious if you were within 1,000 feet of a school.

Examples of New Jersey marijuana charges Team Law can help you fight include:

Growing marijuana plants is also a criminal offense in New Jersey.  Penalties for cultivating marijuana are based on how many plants were involved—and are more serious if you have a prior conviction.

If you are facing marijuana charges in New Jersey, don’t risk your future.  Call an experienced defense lawyer to advocate on your behalf today.

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Why Choose Team Law to Protect Your Rights if You’re Facing Marijuana Charges

To convict on marijuana charges, the prosecution has to prove each element of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt.  For example, the prosecution must prove actual or constructive possession of the marijuana.  Knowledge and intent are also elements of NJ marijuana charges.

In addition to challenging the prosecution’s ability to prove the elements of the crime, our lawyers might:

In many cases, our lawyers may move to have evidence excluded from consideration based upon problems with how the police handled your case.  We can also negotiate reduced charges—and sometimes might even be able to get your charges dropped without having to go to trial.  The defense strategy that will prove most effective in your case will depend on the facts of your case and severity of the alleged crime.

At Team Law, we take our commitment to clients seriously.  To learn more about defense options if you are facing marijuana charges, call today for a free consultation.

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It’s important to call an experienced criminal defense lawyer even if you are “only” facing simple possession of marijuana charges.  While marijuana use may be more “common” than other types of drug use, many people have negative opinions about any type of drug use.  Our experienced defense lawyers will fight to keep your criminal record clear.

Our lawyers represent both adults and minors arrested on marijuana charges.  To schedule your free case evaluation, call or fill out this online contact form today.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Marijuana Charges

FAQ: Can I get a marijuana charge expunged from my record if I was convicted?

Most marijuana charges are eligible for expungement. New Jersey expungement laws have been relaxed in recent years to waive the waiting period that would usually apply. If you were convicted on simple possession of marijuana charges, for example, you may be immediately eligible for expungement upon completion of your punishment.
Eligibility for expungement depends on both the charges involved and your prior criminal history. Call Team Law to learn more about how the expungement rules might apply in your situation.

FAQ: What is constructive possession of marijuana? Is it a crime?

Constructive possession of marijuana charges can apply if you didn’t actually have the drugs on your person.  Constructive possession means:
– You had the ability to control the marijuana
– You intended to control the marijuana
– The marijuana was located nearby when discovered
Constructive possession is sufficient to support a marijuana charge in New Jersey law.  For example, you may be charged with constructive possession if you had the marijuana in your glove box while driving.

FAQ: What about the New Jersey medical marijuana law? Can that help in my case?

Doctors in New Jersey are allowed to prescribe up to two ounces of marijuana every month. You become eligible to use marijuana if you are diagnosed with a specific condition (only 11 qualify). You must also obtain the marijuana from a licensed treatment center—and follow all rules associated with the program. Police do make mistakes. If you have a valid medical marijuana license and have complied with the rules, we can use that to get your charges dropped.

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