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New Jersey Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers

Battle-Tested Criminal Defense Lawyers Represent Clients Accused of Sexual Assault in New Jersey

Few crimes are taken more seriously than sexual assault.  If convicted, you can face life-long criminal penalties in the form of a lasting criminal record and regisration as a sex offender–even if you have never before been accused of a crime.  To avoid the most serious penalties, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side.

At Team Law, we have over 60 years of proven experience successfully protecting our clients’ legal rights.  Our defense attorneys are here to fight for you–not to judge you.  

Facing Sexual Assault Charges And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

Many clients who have been arrested on sexual assault charges have already experienced some of the reputational damage caused by mere allegations that you committed a sex crime.  An experienced defense lawyer can fight to clear your name.  We use the law, our legal knowledge, and practical, real-world legal experience to develop the strongest defense strategy possible.

If you are facing sexual assault charges, now isn’t the time to hesitate.  Call the experienced New Jersey sexual assault defense lawyers at Team Law to set up a free initial consultation.  

Understanding the New Jersey Definition of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is defined in N.J.S.A. 2C:14-2 to include sexual penetration against the victim’s will.  Sexual assault and rape are the same crime in New Jersey.  

Sexual assault charges can be established if the prosecution proves one of the following:

Sexual assault charges can also be aggravated–made more serious–based on the circumstances.  For example, if the victim was seriously injured or a deadly weapon was involved, the charges might be aggravated to a more serious felony offense.  

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Additional aggravating factors in sexual assault cases can be based on:

Rape is a second-degree criminal offense in New Jersey.  Aggravated sexual assault can be charged as a first-degree felony offense–the most serious type of indictable offense in New Jersey.

Regardless of the circumstances, sexual assault charges should always be taken very seriously.  Make no mistake–New Jersey prosecutors will do everything in their power to punish the defendant to the fullest extent of the law. You need a hard-hitting, battle-tested criminal defense lawyer to convey your side of the story.

Our Sexual Assault Defense Team is Committed to Providing a Smart, Experienced Defense You Can Trust

If you’ve been arrested for sexual assault, you probably feel like you’re already on the defensive–before you’ve ever so much as appeared in court.

At Team Law, we use our detailed knowledge of the law and the criminal justice system to develop a cutting-edge defense strategy.  No two defense strategies are completely alike.  When the stakes are this high, you need a lawyer who will build a defense that is individualized to your circumstances. 

A solid defense strategy can have a number of moving parts.  We might be able to:

You’ve heard the expression–sometimes the strongest defense is a strong offense.  The sooner we get started investigating what happened in your case, the better the outcome may be.  To learn more about how our seasoned criminal defense lawyers at Team Law will fight for you, call our defense team for a free case review.

Schedule a Free Case Review with an Experienced, Aggressive Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer Today

You need someone who understands the law and who will stand up and advocate on your behalf.  Our New Jersey defense lawyers at Team Law will analyze your specific situation and create a plan to defend your legal rights.  

We offer a free initial consultation for every client, so if you have been charged with sexual assault, don’t wait to seek legal help.  Call Team Law today to schedule your free case review.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Sexual Assault Charges

FAQ: Should I take a plea bargain if the prosecution offers one?

Deciding whether to accept a plea bargain is a big decision. A plea bargain might seem like getting off easy, but in reality, you have to remember that it requires you to admit guilt. Admitting that you’re guilty of any type of sex crime–even one “less” serious than sexual assault–can have far-reaching consequences.

That said, if the prosecution’s case against you is strong, a plea bargain can work to your advantage. At Team Law, we make sure you understand every option on the table. That includes the possibility of a plea deal. Deciding is up to you–we make sure you have all the information and options possible. Our lawyers are always ready to fiercely advocate at trial if you so choose.

FAQ: Defense lawyers are expensive and I know that I didn’t commit sexual assault. Can’t I rely upon the public defender to argue on my behalf?

The public defender provides a valuable service. That said, the public defender is also usually overworked. They may be more likely to push you into accepting a plea deal just to get your case off their desk. Public defenders also lack the substantial resources our attorneys have available to investigate your case–and a detailed investigation can be key to a not guilty verdict in sexual assault cases.

Lawyers can be expensive. However, an experienced defense lawyer is also your best chance at acquittal. Our defense lawyers at Team Law are always willing to discuss options. Call us today to learn more.

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