Westfield Divorce Lawyers

Westfield Divorce Lawyers

Experienced Westfield Divorce Lawyers Help Clients Seeking a Divorce in Westfield, NJ

Couples rarely, if ever, get married with the expectation of eventually getting divorce. That is why the process of divorce can feel like a difficult, traumatic experience, even if spouses ultimately come to the mutual decision to end their marriage. However, ending a marriage through divorce often means trying to resolve multiple personal and financial issues before a court will dissolve the marriage and allow the spouses to go their separate ways. Team Law’s confidential Westfield divorce lawyers are here to help.

That is why the Westfield divorce attorneys of Team Law are here to help guide you through the divorce process in New Jersey. When you choose our firm to help you with your divorce, our legal team will ensure that you understand your legal rights and options. We will also take the time to talk to you about your goals and needs so that we can work with you to craft a legal strategy that serves your and your family’s interests and ensures that we can help you get a fair and favorable outcome to the issues in your divorce matter. 

When you or your spouse have made the choice to end your marriage and pursue a divorce, contact the Westfield divorce lawyers at Team Law for a confidential case evaluation to discuss your legal rights and options in your case and to learn more about how we can help you with your divorce.

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Our Westfield Divorce Lawyers Can Help You Address All the Matters That Arise in Divorce

Most couples’ divorces require resolving a number of personal and financial issues before a court will issue a final judgment of divorce. The Westfield divorce lawyers at Team Law have helped clients resolve both simple and complex issues in divorce such as:

Although our firm is ready to fight for your rights and interests in court, we always advise our clients to try to resolve the outstanding issues in their divorce through negotiation or mediation if possible. If you have yet to file for divorce, we can help you work with your spouse to arrive at a post-nuptial agreement that can make the process of divorce a much more quick and simple formality in court. We can also help you if you’ve been required to attend court-ordered mediation or arbitration of your divorce issues. Of course, we have the experience and skill to advocate for your rights and interests if the issues in your divorce case are ultimately litigated at trial.

How Team Law Will Provide You With the Expert, Results-Focused Legal Representation You Deserve

For over 60 years, the attorneys at Team Law have been focused on providing expert legal representations to real individuals and their families who are facing legal matters. We believe that every person should be treated fairly by the legal system, which is why, when you choose our firm to help you in your Westfield divorce matter, we work hard to make sure that you receive a fair and favorable outcome to the issues in your case. 

Our attorneys know how quickly a divorce can turn contentious, and how expensive and time-consuming divorce litigation can be. That is why our attorneys have extensive experience providing the legal representation you need to ensure that your divorce matter is resolved as efficiently and amicably as possible. Of course, we will never advise you to accept an outcome that isn’t fair to you or doesn’t achieve your goals and needs. We are always ready to fight to protect your rights and interests in court when necessary to protect your family and those closest to you and to protect those interests that are most important to you. In the end, we want to ensure that you are able to move on free and clear to the next chapter in your life.

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Contact Our Firm Today for a Confidential Case Review with One of Our Knowledgeable Westfield Divorce Lawyers

When you’ve made the decision to get divorced or you’ve been served with divorce papers, or even if you are just considering divorce and want to know more about the process and your rights and options, schedule a confidential consultation with one of our Westfield divorce lawyers from Team Law to learn more about pursuing a divorce and how our firm might be able to help you in your case.

About Westfield, NJ

Westfield is a town located in Union County, New Jersey. Westfield gets its name from the area being referred to as “fields west of Elizabeth”. One of New Jersey’s higher-income communities, Westfield is a largely suburban community that also features a downtown area with hundreds of retail and commercial businesses that serve as a regional destination and also where Westfield holds numerous events and festivals throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce in Westfield, NJ

How long does it take to get a divorce in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, most divorces are supposed to be resolved within 12 months of filing, unless the case involves complex assets or business ownership interests. However, if spouses are able to resolve the issues in their divorce via a negotiated or mediated settlement agreement prior to filing for divorce, it can be possible to get a final judgment of divorce as soon as you are able to get a hearing date before the court to review and accept your and your spouse’s agreement.

Can my spouse and I use the same attorney to handle our divorce?

Although you and your spouse can choose an attorney to serve as a neutral mediator if you are trying to negotiate a settlement agreement, you and your spouse cannot use the same attorney to provide both of you with legal advice and representation. This is because you and your spouse are technically adverse parties in your divorce, and ethical rules prohibit attorneys from simultaneously representing adverse parties in a case. An attorney owes a duty of loyalty to his or her client, which is a duty that cannot be fulfilled as divorcing spouses have interests that necessarily conflict with one another.

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