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As soon as you are injured on the job and realize that medical treatment and recovery are going to require you to be out of work, you need to properly notify your employer that you intend to file for Worker’s Compensation benefits. After all, it’s their duty to make these required benefits available to all employees. However, while the law mandates coverage, it doesn’t require your employer to automatically accept your claim.

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If you got hurt at work in New Jersey, whether on a construction site or in an office, and your employer is denying your claim to Workers’ Compensation benefits, call the experienced Workers’ Comp attorneys at Team Law. We will deal with the insurance company on your behalf. Sometimes an employer, by way of the insurance carrier, will attempt to limit your benefits by initially denying a claim. When this happens, they know you will either go away or fight for your medical treatment and replacement pay. Most of the time, employers are not punished by the courts if the denial is eventually overturned. Since they don’t fear retribution, they can make an injured employee jump through hoops to get their benefits.

Reasons an Employer Might Deny Your NJ Workers’ Comp Claim

First things first: your employer may deny your claim, but all legitimate job-related injuries are covered by the NJ Workers’ Compensation System. That being said, you may have to fight for your benefits if they are initially denied. Rest assured, however, that a knowledgeable workman’s comp lawyer at Team Law will fight for your right to get every benefit you are entitled to receive.

Most insurance carriers are willing to provide coverage when an employee makes a claim. Some carriers, however, will do anything they can to cut costs. They deny your claim hoping you will not pursue it. If your claim is denied, entirely or in part, you should be informed in writing. Some supposed reasons for denial include:

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If your Workers’ Comp claim is denied, your Team Law attorney will request a Hearing with the New Jersey State Workers’ Compensation Court. It’s not up to the employer to prove any of its beliefs regarding your injury or need for treatment. It’s the employee’s responsibility to prove that the injury did occur on the job, the medical treatment is required, and that recovery time is medically necessary. We will help you prove your case. Further, in addition to Workers’ Comp benefits, you may have a third-party claim against someone other than your employer who was responsible for your injuries.

What Is Doctor Shopping?

Some unscrupulous insurance carriers will attempt to limit your access to the Workers’ Compensation benefits you deserve. They send you to a doctor who examines you, possibly orders some diagnostic tests, and determines that a treatment is medically necessary. The insurance company then sends you for a second opinion. It is their hope that Doctor No. 2 will offer a different diagnosis, one that sends you back to work without the need for expensive treatment and recovery time.

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This is called “doctor shopping. It is illegal. If your insurance carrier has required you to seek multiple opinions for seemingly underhanded reasons, call Team Law immediately.

We will take on the insurance company and get you the benefits you are entitled to receive. We never back down to loud-mouth lawyers. We welcome the chance to prove your case. Team Law’s Workers’ Compensation attorneys will go to court on your behalf. We’ve been successfully representing injured workers, like you, in Union, Essex, Middlesex and Hudson counties in New Jersey for decades.

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Experience matters. So do relationships. The skilled Workers’ Comp lawyers at Team Law know their way around New Jersey courtrooms. They know the law and they know how to get you the benefits you need to receive treatment for your injury quickly. If your injuries are so severe that you may be entitled to permanent disability payments, we can help you get what you deserve.

Contact Team Law today to request your free consultation with a Workers’ Comp lawyer who will take on your fight in Perth Amboy and all of Middlesex County, and help get you the medical treatment and replacement pay you need.

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