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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Neck Injury

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If you hurt your neck at work, you might suffer near-constant and severe pain.  That type of pain can make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to work—the simple task of turning your head can prove painful.  Additionally, neck injuries can take a long time to heal.  Workers’ Compensation is designed to give you medical and financial support while you recover from a work-related neck injury.

At Team Law, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers know that you’re facing a difficult time if you hurt your neck at work.  Over 60 years, we have successfully represented hundreds of injured clients and helped them get fair compensation for their injuries.  We are here to put those skills to work for you.

You don’t have to handle challenges or complications in getting your benefits alone.  It’s common for people without substantial experience in Workers’ Compensation law to feel overwhelmed by the system.  You want to do all you can to make sure you get full benefits, but you might not know how to proceed.  You can turn to Team Law for help.

We offer a free case review to all potential clients so that we can discuss options in your case.  Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers are both compassionate and skilled.  We sit down with you to learn what happened and explain how we can help.  For a free consultation, call our office or use our online contact form.

Common Causes and Types of Workplace Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can impact employees working in all types of trades and professions.  Neck pain and injuries are usually caused by a specific trauma, or sometimes by repetitive motion. The most common ways neck injuries occur are:

Whiplash is one of the most common neck injuries.  Whiplash is usually caused by the neck moving back and forth quickly, stretching—and potentially even tearing—the neck muscles.  Whiplash is most commonly sustained in car accidents, and it can just as easily be caused by a construction vehicle accident.

The severity of a neck injury can vary dramatically depending upon the type of work event that caused the injury.  In some cases, your doctor might be able to recommend little more than rest as an initial course of treatment.  In others, surgery might be necessary.

You should have the right to recover fully before returning to work—without jeopardizing your financial security.  At Team Law, we take our obligation to injured clients seriously.  We have been fighting to protect injured workers’ rights for over 60 years.  Call us today to see how we can help in your case.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Disability Benefits

Neck pain often begins in the neck, but it can impact the entire body.  You might find it difficult to move your arms without pain or even turn your head.  Workers’ Compensation disability benefits provide you with income while this pain prevents you from working.

Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault system that provides benefits when you are hurt at work regardless of how the injury happened.  There is no need to show that your employer somehow caused your injury.  In return for these benefits, you give up the right to sue your employer or co-workers even if someone’s negligence did cause your injuries.

Although it is theoretically easier to recover Workers’ Compensation benefits than it is to file a Complaint in Superior Court for compensation, the system is not perfect.  Employers commonly challenge whether the injury really happened at work.  They might claim that you already had the injury prior to the accident. 

At Team Law, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers see these types of challenges frequently.  We have the experience needed to fight back to protect your rights. 

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You work hard for your employer.  When you’re hurt on the job, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay your bills.  Workers’ Compensation is designed to take care of you financially and medically while you recover from a work injury, and to pay you for any permanent loss of function of the injured body part.  Unfortunately, getting your rightful benefits is not always easy.

We know that you are likely coming to us because you are experiencing financial trouble and we work on a contingency fee basis.  That means we only recover attorneys’ fees if and when we recover compensation in your case.  To get answers to your questions about claiming Workers’ Compensation after a neck injury, contact Team Law today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation in Neck Injury Cases

FAQ: How much compensation will I receive from Workers’ Compensation?

Your compensation is 70% of your average weekly wages prior to the injury if the authorized doctor keeps you out of work for eight days or more. However, your benefit is subject to a cap set by New Jersey law. The weekly maximum changes every year (it’s $945 per week in 2020). Many workers receive an amount that is roughly equal to their actual take-home pay. Others might see a drop in compensation if they were more highly compensated prior to the accident and their weekly wage loss calculation exceeds the maximum amount allowed.

FAQ: My neck injury might put me out of work for a long time. Is there any way to recover the full amount of my lost wages?

It depends upon how your injury took place. You don’t have to prove negligence to get Workers’ Compensation benefits. However, if someone other than your employer was negligent and that negligence caused your accident, you may have other options. For example, if you were hurt by a defective machine, the manufacturer might be responsible. If a business owner who was not your employer failed to install necessary safety equipment, you might be entitled to sue them for compensation and recover the full amount of your lost wages.

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