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When parties decide they no longer wish to live together, it becomes necessary to determine how the parents will work together in raising their children. Parents will need a child custody arrangement that establishes legal and physical custody rights and a parenting time schedule; a child custody arrangement can also set forth how parents will resolve disputes over child-rearing issues in the future. 

The law in New Jersey recognizes the rights of parents to raise their children; courts are happy to step aside when parents can mutually agree on custody and parenting time issues. But the courts are always available to issue decisions to resolve disputes when parents cannot reach a mutually acceptable resolution. 

Your children are the most important people in your life, and you will do whatever it takes to protect them and make them happy. Contact Team Law today for a confidential case evaluation to discuss your rights and options in your child custody matter and to learn more about how our attorneys can help you protect your and your children’s rights and interests.

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Types of Child Custody Arrangements in New Jersey

Ideally, any child custody arrangement will allow both parents to maintain their relationships with their children and will, more important, serve the child’s best interests. As a result, there are various child custody arrangements that may be established in a New Jersey custody order, such as:

Team Law Can Help You Protect Your Parental Rights and Interests

At Team Law, we believe in the right of every fit, responsible parent to be able to be involved in their children’s lives and development. When you choose our firm to represent you in your New Jersey child custody matter, you can trust that we will do whatever it takes to protect your rights to spend time with your children and be involved in the decisions regarding your children’s lives. 

Our attorneys can help you negotiate a custody and parenting time arrangement with your former spouse or partner that you can both agree to and will allow both of you to be fully involved in your children’s lives. If it becomes necessary to go to court to secure a custody arrangement, our team can vigorously advocate on your behalf to show how your proposed custody arrangement will serve your children’s best interests. And we can also help you seek enforcement (or even modification) of a child custody order if your former spouse or partner isn’t granting you the time and involvement in your children’s lives that you are entitled to.

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If you have split from your children’s other parent and are having trouble reaching an agreement over custody and parenting time or visitation, let an experienced child custody attorney fight for your and your children’s rights and interests. Schedule a confidential consultation with the New Jersey family law attorneys at Team Law today to learn more about how our firm can help you reach a favorable outcome to your family’s child custody matter.

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Custody in New Jersey

Do courts automatically award custody to the mother?

New Jersey’s custody laws are intended to be enforced in a gender-neutral manner, with custody to be awarded in the best interests of the child. However, we recognize that there are preconceived notions about mothers being the more natural caregiver or nurturer for children. At Team Law, our experienced child custody attorneys can help all parents argue against any outdated views of parenting roles and ensure that both parents have full opportunity to spend time with and participate in raising their children.

What if my family’s custody arrangement is no longer working for myself, my former partner, or for our children?

New Jersey law allows for child custody arrangements to be modified upon a showing of changed circumstances. However, courts will not modify custody arrangements to benefit or serve the convenience of the parents; instead, the overriding factor in every child custody determination is whether a custody arrangement serves the best interests of the child. Nevertheless, a parent’s circumstances may demonstrate to the court that a change in custody arrangements would be in the child’s best interests; for example, changes to the parents’ work schedules that increase or decrease the amount of time that a parent has to spend exercising parenting time.

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