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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Restaurant Employees

Talented New Jersey Injury Lawyers Help Injured Restaurant Employees Get Maximum Workers’ Compensation Benefits

A successful restaurant is often a busy place, full of activity and movement.  Fast-paced restaurants also naturally create a significant risk of injury for employees.  When a restaurant employee is injured, it can be impossible to return to work in the same—or even similar—capacity.  New Jersey Workers’ Compensation is designed to make sure you have the income you need to recover fully to avoid making the injury worse. 

At Team Law, our leading Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help you file your claim, understand your rights and fight any challenges you face along the way.  With over 60 years of legal and practical experience, we know what it takes to win for our clients.

As a restaurant employee, we know that you are accustomed to working hard for your income.  Despite this, it is important to avoid rushing back to work before an injury has properly healed.  All New Jersey employers are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance for a reason.  You put yourself at risk so that they can make a profit, and when you are hurt on the job, you deserve fair compensation.

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation system can be difficult to navigate alone.  Our lawyers can help.  We offer a free case review so that we can talk more about how we can help with your case, so call us today.

Common Accidents & Injuries Sustained by Restaurant Employees

Our injury lawyers have successfully helped hundreds of clients get fair compensation for their injuries.  Whether you are the chef in a four-star restaurant or just starting out as a server or busser, you take on the risk of injury by going to work each day. 

At Team law, we have the specific experience needed to navigate the challenges faced by restaurant employees, who may be injured on the job because of:

Some injuries sustained by restaurant workers are serious.  Restaurant employees often sustain painful burns, concussions, broken bones, back and neck injuries and more.  Your injuries could take you out of the work rotation for a few weeks, months or much longer. 

Team Law is here to help get you the financial compensation you need to pay your bills and obtain quality medical care during this time.  To learn more about our practice, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our experienced New Jersey Workers’ Compensation lawyers today.

Actions Steps for New Jersey Restaurant Employees Injured on the Job

Every New Jersey employee is entitled to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits while unable to work because of injuries sustained in the course of employment.  The “course of employment” means that your injury happened because of something at work—whether an accident, work-related activities or even conditions in the restaurant generally.

Workers’ Compensation law generally gives you the right to benefits that cover:

However, as many restaurant employees quickly discover, actually getting those financial benefits can be difficult.  To protect your right to future Workers’ Compensation benefits, you should:

Your employer and the Workers’ Compensation insurance company might challenge your claim on a number of grounds.  A challenge—or even an outright denial—does not mean that you do not have the right to receive Workers’ Compensation. 

Your employer is also legally prohibited from retaliating against you for claiming Workers’ Compensation benefits.  If your right to benefits has been challenged or your employer has threatened your job, our lawyers will fight to protect your rights.  For a free and confidential consultation, call Team Law today.

Call a Skilled New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Restaurant Employees at Team Law Today

The first step to getting fair Workers’ Compensation benefits is learning about your legal rights.  At Team Law, our lawyers provide a free case review so that you can learn more about how we can help without taking on any financial risk.  We will work to develop a strategy that fits your individual circumstances to help you get through your injury.  To set up an appointment, you can call us or fill out our online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation for Restaurant Employees

FAQ: I was injured while working in a restaurant, but I wasn’t being careful. Can I still claim Workers’ Compensation even if the accident was my fault?

Yes. Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey gives you the right to benefits regardless of who caused the accident. As long as the accident happened “in the course of employment”, you have the right to benefits.

FAQ: I was injured working as a restaurant employee. Can I sue the restaurant for failing to follow proper safety regulations if that caused my injury?

No. If the restaurant was your employer, they are protected from lawsuits under the Workers’ Compensation system. Injured employees cannot choose between Workers’ Compensation and a personal injury lawsuit against the employer—Workers’ Compensation is the only option. However, if the restaurant was not your employer and was at fault, you might have the right to sue. In other words, you can sue a third party who is not your employer or co-worker to get additional compensation if that third party’s negligence caused your accident.

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