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Obstetricians—or OB-GYNs—play a vital role in making sure mother and child remain healthy during pregnancy throughout labor and delivery.  When your obstetrician makes a mistake in responding to a complication or otherwise fails to provide adequate care, the health of both you and your infant are jeopardized.  Pursuing your right to compensation for those mistakes can give you the financial resources to get the best treatment available while holding the negligent obstetrician accountable.

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Nearly all families rely upon their obstetrician to bring their child safely into this world.  An OB-GYN’s negligence can mean a difficult recovery for your child, who may require ongoing medical care, physical therapy and even a lifetime of special accommodations.  At Team Law, our top-rated team of medical malpractice lawyers put our collective 60-plus years of experience to work for you so that you can focus on recovering. 

We know that caring for your child is your number one priority.  We make handling every aspect of your legal claim for compensation our top priority so you can focus your attention where it’s needed.  With a proven track record of success that includes recovering over $650 million in compensation for injured clients across New Jersey, you can rest assured that your case will be given the attention it deserves.  

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Examples of New Jersey Obstetrician Malpractice Claims

Our obstetrician malpractice lawyers pursue compensation from OB-GYNs whose medical negligence causes patients to suffer harm.  Obstetrician malpractice can come in the form of an overt action or failure to take an action or respond appropriately to complications during the course of pregnancy, labor or delivery.  Examples of actions or omissions that can constitute obstetrician malpractice include:

Medical Malpractice

$5.6 Million Verdict

Complications routinely arise during pregnancy, labor and delivery–and not every bad outcome is malpractice.  However, it is the obstetrician’s responsibility to skillfully and appropriately respond to the situation to prevent harm where possible.  Failure to adhere to the appropriate medical standard of care can produce catastrophic results for the infant and mother—some of which can even result in wrongful death.

When you are facing years of physical recovery and potentially permanent harm, your right to financial compensation is the remedy offered by the New Jersey legal system.  We cannot go back and make sure you and your child remained healthy and safe. We can help you get the compensation you need to retain the specialists and expert physicians who can help give your child the best future possible.  

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Obstetrician malpractice can take place during pregnancy, during labor and delivery or even in the weeks following your child’s birth.  In every case, it is the obstetrician’s duty to properly monitor both mother and child to identify any potential complications as quickly as possible—and to skillfully respond in providing proper medical care.  Failure to do so may be actionable obstetrician malpractice under New Jersey medical malpractice law, and can lead to the following types of injuries:

These and other injuries caused by obstetrician malpractice can leave your family facing an uphill battle.   At Team Law, our lawyers provide support and guidance every step of the way. We pride ourselves on offering clients a small firm environment coupled with big firm financial results. 

That compensation may include:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Obstetrician Malpractice Claims

FAQ: How do I know whether my child’s birth injury was the result of obstetrician malpractice?

In some cases, the mistake may be obvious. However, in most cases, the parents are left wondering whether what went wrong was really an accepted medical risk. Our lawyers have been handling these types of cases for decades—and we know what types of questions to ask. Importantly, we examine your medical records and speak with nurses and other medical professionals who helped with your care. We also work with medical experts who can provide answers about what specifically happened to cause the harm. We also get answers about what your obstetrician should have done to prevent that harm and keep your family safe.

FAQ: What causes obstetrician malpractice?

Most obstetricians don’t set out to cause any type of harm. Like any other type of mistake, obstetrician malpractice is usually caused by carelessness. Failure to order the appropriate tests or failure to take the time to carefully evaluate test results can lead to a catastrophic mistake. In other cases, the obstetrician might respond to a complication too late or respond to an emergency by providing the wrong type of care. Although these mistakes are not intentional, obstetricians are a type of doctor who have chosen to specialize in a particular field—and you have the right to expect a certain degree of expertise when under their care.

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