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Your hands and wrists are comprised of tiny bones, cartilage and ligaments that work together as your primary tools for navigating day-to-day activities.  Damage to the wrists can prevent you from using one or both hands, making it virtually impossible to accomplish even the most basic task at work.  When you hurt your wrist on the job, New Jersey law gives you the right to Workers’ Compensation benefits.

At Team Law, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers have dedicated over 60 years to protecting the rights of workers injured on the job.  We know that one minor mistake in the Workers’ Compensation claiming process can put your entire claim on hold—while your bills continue to pile up.  We use all of our knowledge and resources to get you fair compensation as soon as possible.

While most wrist injuries are traumatic in nature, some are “occupational” injuries caused by repetitive motion over time.  Because of this, it can be more difficult to prove that the injury was work-related.  Your employer or the insurance company might say that your injury was caused by personal activities and try to deny your claim. 

Our lawyers are here to help even the playing field.  If you hurt your wrist in a work accident or have developed a repetitive stress injury to your wrist over time, don’t wait to get legal help.  Call our office today to schedule a free, no-risk consultation today.

Types of Work-Related Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries most commonly arise under two basic sets of circumstances, as follows:

Types of work-related wrist injuries that we commonly see include:

Historically, workers in fields involving physical labor were more likely to sustain work-related wrist injuries.  If you work in construction or with machinery, the risk of getting your wrist crushed or caught in machinery or equipment is one you understand all too well.  Today, however, repetitive stress injuries to the wrists are also common—and often, just as debilitating.

Unfortunately, doctors approved by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company often tell injured workers that it’s time to go back to work before they have fully recovered.  If you have been advised to return to work but do not feel ready, call our office today.  We can handle your motion to request continued medical treatment and recovery so that you don’t have to worry about making your injury worse.

Work-Related Wrist Injuries Can Pose Unique Evidentiary Challenges

If you suffer a wrist injury, the first thing you should do is notify your employer or supervisor.  Ask to be referred to a Workers’ Compensation medical provider so that you can get your wrists examined by an approved doctor, although in an emergency, you have the right to see any doctor for emergency treatment.

Even if you notify your employer immediately, you may face challenges involving whether your wrist injury was really work-related.  At Team Law, our lawyers go to work immediately to counter these challenges.  We will work to:

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Wrist injuries can impact every aspect of your life.  You might experience serious, ongoing pain and can even lose partial hand function.  At Team Law, we proudly work hard to protect your rights so that you can get the treatment and full recovery time you deserve.  Our experienced legal team is always available to help, so call or contact us today to schedule your free case evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation in Wrist Injury Cases

FAQ: What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a wrist injury that happens because of excessive pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. It can be traumatic or a repetitive stress injury, caused by holding or moving the hands and wrists in the same position on a regular basis at work overtime. Office workers can get carpal tunnel from typing, restaurant workers can contract carpal tunnel from carrying heavy plates and even machine workers repetitively using the same motions are at risk.

FAQ: My doctor says that my wrist injury will result in a 25% loss of my hand function that I will never get back. Does Workers’ Compensation provide any special benefits for a permanent wrist injury?

Yes. Workers’ Compensation provides benefits for a loss of function in one of your body parts based on a schedule of loss. For example, if the injury results in a 50% loss to your hand function, you get 150 weeks of benefits and you would receive 75 weeks of benefits for a 25% loss of hand function.

Once you hit the 25% loss threshold, each additional percentage of loss adds on 3 weeks’ worth of benefits.  

These rules were changed in 2020 to increase the benefits injured workers are entitled to receive for hand and foot injuries and essentially create a two-tiered schedule.  The exact calculation can be complex, so call an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer to make sure you are getting the full compensation you deserve.

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