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A C-section is a relatively routine surgical procedure designed to safely deliver an infant by making an incision into the abdomen and uterus.  Despite the routine nature, a C-section remains a relatively serious surgical procedure that, while often used to keep the mother and infant safe, can present dangers of its own.  In fact, some of the most serious C-section injuries occur because the doctor fails to recognize the need to perform the C-section in the first place.

If you or your child were injured during a C-section, our experienced lawyers can help determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation based on medical negligence. At Team Law, our seasoned medical malpractice lawyers have over 60 years of experience advocating for victims of C-section injuries throughout New Jersey.

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We are one of the leading injury law firms in New Jersey—and our proven track record of success comprises over $650 million recovered for injured clients.  Your child’s birth should be a joyous event. When you instead must focus on recovering from serious C-section injuries, it’s important to learn about your legal rights.

Our skilled medical malpractice lawyers are here to evaluate your case and explain your options.  If you, your spouse or infant were injured during a C-section, or because of a failure to perform a C-section, call us today to schedule a free case review.

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Risk of Injury During a C-Section

Approximately one in every three births in the U.S. are now performed via cesarean section, or “C-section”.  In many cases, the procedure is necessary to protect the health of the mother, the infant, or both parties. However, like any other surgery, C-sections have risks, which may include:

All of these risks can be minimized if the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals responsible for your care perform according to the accepted medical standard of care.  Failure to provide the care that a reasonable medical professional would provide under the circumstances can lead to dangerous complications. Some of the most dangerous mistakes that a doctor can make to cause a C-section injury include:

While C-sections can be either planned or emergent, the risk of injury generally increases the longer the mother remains in labor.  If your doctor failed to properly monitor your pregnancy or labor and waited too long to perform a C-section, you may be at greater risk—as may your child.  

Some of the more common C-section injuries to the fetus include:

Medical Malpractice

$5.6 million

Trusted New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers Advocate for Full Compensation in C-Section Injury Cases

When a doctor, nurse or medical professional makes an error during your labor and delivery that amounts to medical negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation.  Whether your injury occurred during your C-section, or because of the failure to perform a C-section when called for, the trusted malpractice lawyers at Team Law can help protect your rights.

If a lawsuit is called for in your case, we will explore every option to recover compensation for:

Your child’s first days and months should not be marred by the need for painful physical recovery.  While we know that no amount of financial compensation can take away your pain, it can help you get the best treatment available while holding a negligent medical provider accountable.

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When mother or child are injured during the C-section process, the consequences can be overwhelming.  You may be worried about your child’s recovery or your ability to provide care. Our lawyers are here to listen and help.

At Team Law, our trained New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers handle all aspects of the legal process.  With our compassionate and focused legal team by your side, you can focus on the important work of caring for your child.  You can schedule a free case review by calling our office or filling out this online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About NJ C-Section Injury Claims

FAQ: I really don’t want to sue my doctor. Are there any other options for recovering compensation if I was injured during a C-section?

Reluctance to sue a trusted doctor is a common concern. Medical malpractice claims—including C-section injury claims—are often resolved during negotiations. By the time we reach the stage where we would go to court, we usually have sufficient evidence to establish that your doctor’s negligence caused your injuries. While we may have to file a lawsuit to reach a fair settlement, it often isn’t necessary to go to court. Additionally, it’s important to remember that your doctor’s insurance company will actually be responsible for providing compensation.

FAQ: Why might an emergency C-section be necessary?

Your doctor may determine that an emergency C-section was necessary for any number of reasons. With proper monitoring, any of the following can indicate the need for an emergency C-section:

-Abnormal fetal heart rate,
-Prolonged labor that cannot be stimulated with medications or otherwise,
-Placenta previa (a situation where the fetus is positioned abnormally low in the uterus, covering the cervix),
-Breech position,
-Placental abruption (where the placenta begins to separate from the uterine wall),
-Uterine rupture,
-Umbilical cord prolapse.

Often, your doctor may need to act quickly to perform a C-section. Despite this, some medical mistakes are not justifiable even when your doctor is operating under pressure. If you have questions about an injury sustained during a C-section, call us today to tell us what happened.

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