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New Jersey courts are tough on defendants accused of theft and shoplifting.  Conviction on theft and shoplifting charges can impact your ability to secure a job, your reputation and even your immigration status.  Shoplifting is a type of theft crime—and theft crimes are classified as “crimes of moral turpitude”.  In short, this means that even a seemingly minor shoplifting charge can be extremely damaging. 

Our skilled defense lawyers at Team Law are here to help you navigate the legal system to minimize the negative consequences of a theft or shoplifting charge.  Facing any type of arrest can be overwhelming and embarrassing.  From dealing with an overly aggressive prosecutor to developing the smartest defense strategy, our lawyers are here to help minimize the damage.

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Variances in the value of the stolen property can make a significant difference in the severity of the possible penalties for theft and shoplifting.  You might even be facing mandatory minimum jail time for what seems like a minor shoplifting charge. 

Regardless of your situation, our experienced defense lawyers will work to develop a defense strategy specific to your case.  We have been fighting to protect clients’ rights across New Jersey for over 60 years and have the skills needed to get the best results possible for you.  To learn more about our lawyers and to schedule a free initial consultation, call or contact Team Law today.

Understanding the Penalties for Theft and Shoplifting in New Jersey

Theft and shoplifting charges are graded based upon the value of the stolen goods.  In addition to the possibility of jail time and monetary fines, the New Jersey shoplifting law imposes mandatory community service requirements upon conviction (between 10 to 25 days).  Regardless of the items’ value, a third shoplifting conviction will result in a mandatory minimum 90-day jail sentence.

In New Jersey, the following schedule applies if you are convicted of shoplifting:

Under N.J.S.A. 2C:20-11, shoplifting is a broadly defined offense that includes more than simply taking someone else’s property.  The law is designed to capture any situation where theft deprives the merchant of the fair value of the property in question.  Shoplifting includes theft by:

Under-ringing merchandise (when a store employee rings merchandise in at a price that is lower than full retail value with the intent of depriving the owner of full value)

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Types of Theft Charges We Handle at Team Law

Shoplifting is a common type of theft crime, but it is far from the only available charge you might face for theft in New Jersey.  At Team Law, our lawyers handle all types of theft crimes, including:

Regardless of the exact theft or shoplifting charges you are facing, you need a strong legal defense.  Shoplifting and theft convictions must generally be disclosed to employers, landlords and even the bank when you apply for a loan in some cases.  Even a single conviction on your record can make you a less attractive candidate—in addition to the embarrassment that you might feel every time you disclose your past.

At Team Law, we are committed to building a strong and effective defense in your case.  In some cases, we might even be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to have the charges dropped or reduced.  To learn more about how we can help, call us today.

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When faced with shoplifting and theft charges, both your freedom and your reputation may be on the line.  Your ability to practice in certain professions may even be jeopardized by a theft crime conviction.  Team Law knows the law and how to use it in your case.  We always take the time to develop a custom defense strategy specifically designed for your case. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Theft & Shoplifting Charges in New Jersey

FAQ: What does it mean to say that shoplifting is a crime of moral turpitude?

A crime of moral turpitude is one that is deemed to be especially shocking as inherently contrary to the rules of morality and society. For most, this might seem surprising. However, theft crimes are taken extremely seriously. Your immigration status can be jeopardized. You might lose the right to work in certain professions where you must be trusted to handle money or property that belongs to someone else. The bottom line? Shoplifting and theft charges must be taken seriously even if the value of the stolen goods is relatively low.

FAQ: Will I have to go to jail if I am a first offender arrested on shoplifting charges?

In many cases, our lawyers can negotiate an alternative form of punishment if your prior criminal record is clear. Depending upon the value of the stolen goods and circumstances surrounding the theft, probation, additional community service, and even possible admission into a diversionary program, which can help you avoid prosecution and conviction.

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