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Legal Malpractice Lawyers in New Jersey

Lawyers operate by strict legal codes, both laws and ethics, in New Jersey. However, if your former lawyer failed in their duty to uphold the law and represent you ethically and appropriately, according to NJ statutes, you may have a claim against them. This is especially true if a lawyer’s negligence cost you a successful verdict or settlement in the case.

We know you may be feeling leery about talking with one lawyer about your former lawyer. At Team Law, we are more concerned with making sure your rights are protected. If another attorney’s negligence caused you harm, we invite you to speak with one of thee renowned legal malpractice attorneys at Team Law. Our Newark personal injury lawyers have more than six decades of experience fighting to win cases for clients who believe their former lawyer(s) acted in a negligent manner. We promise to investigate what happened and provide a Team Law assessment of how successful your legal malpractice case will be. When appropriate, we will work tenaciously on your behalf to hold the other attorney responsible for their actions.

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Team Law Will Fight Tirelessly to Hold Your Former Lawyer Responsible for Negligence

Legal malpractice, when an attorney is negligent in handling a client’s case, will only be successful if the client is able to prove that their previous lawyer did something improper when handling the case. Further, the client must be able to prove that the former lawyer’s action caused them significant financial damage.

What are Some Examples of Legal Malpractice in New Jersey?

If any of these examples remind you of your recent lawsuit, you may have a viable legal malpractice case. If so, it is in your best interest to contact the experienced, knowledgeable legal malpractice attorneys at Team Law immediately. It may be difficult to trust a lawyer after being treated poorly in a previous case. The attorneys at Team Law have an impeccable client history that you can rely on to restore justice.

Why Should I Seek Legal Counsel if I Suspect Legal Malpractice?

First of all, legal malpractice is a complex charge that requires careful consideration and experience to prove. When you speak with an attorney at Team Law, we will help you determine if you have a case. Additionally, you can:

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If you’d like to learn more about pursuing a legal malpractice case, please visit our legal malpractice FAQ page.

Legal Malpractice Lawyers in New Jersey

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