Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in NJ

Remember how your mother and father used to tell you that they trusted your driving, it was always the other drivers on the road they were worried about? That old adage is especially true when it comes to the dangers motorcyclists face on roadways every day in Hudson, Essex, Middlesex, and Union counties. One careless mistake by another motorist and you could be suffering serious injuries, regardless of how experienced a biker you are or the precautions you take to safeguard yourself when riding.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle crash in Plainfield, Irvington or Rahway, you deserve the legal assistance of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who will fight for the justice you want and the compensation you need and deserve.

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All Motorcycle Accidents Have the Potential to Cause Catastrophic Injuries in Clark, Westfield and Summit, NJ

Not much can compare to the feeling of freedom bikers experience when they are out on the open road. But, for all the benefits of motorcycle riding – and there are many – there are also so many potential dangers motorcyclists face on New Jersey’s roadways. This is true whether you are commuting to work in heavy traffic in Jersey City, Newark or New Brunswick or taking in the scenery on back roads.

Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons: uneven pavement, potholes, poor weather conditions, debris in the roadway, motorcycle equipment defects and, most often, because of other negligent drivers on the roadway. Whether drivers of cars, trucks and other motorcycles are DWI/DUI, fatigued or just careless and ignoring the rules of the road, it’s the motorcyclist who will bear the brunt of the injuries stemming from a crash.

Unfortunately, according to well-publicized statistics, bikers are five times more likely to be injured than the driver or passenger of a car in a crash and 26 times more likely to be killed in an accident.

Can You See Me Now-? In various surveys of motorists throughout the United States, the majority routinely admit they “just don’t see motorcycles on the roadway until it’s too late. This could be for many reasons: bikes are smaller and easily hidden behind trucks and in blind spots.

Common Types of Motorcycle-Motor Vehicle Collisions in Orange, Summit, Westfield and Across New Jersey

Left-hand turn accident – when the car or truck makes a left turn without seeing the biker in the left turn lane

Rear-end accidents – caused by driver distraction

Inappropriate lane changes – car changes lanes without warning in front of a motorcyclist.

Failure to yield – other vehicle doesn’t stop when a motorcycle has the right of way

Red light accident – this is a common cause of a rear-end accident

Watch out for the road! In a car, drivers hardly feel bumps in the road such as gravel, uneven pavement, potholes, and other debris. For a biker, a small oil slick can be as dangerous as an oil tanker spill. Road hazards like these, as well as weather-related conditions such as rain, ice, wet leaves, create seriously dangerous riding conditions.

Equipment Defects: Most manufacturers’ defects are reported as soon as companies become aware of the need for a recall. However, that won’t help a biker who finds themselves in an accident due to a tire problem or an alignment issue. Wobble accidents, caused by traveling at high speeds, can result in critical injuries.

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