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Motorcyclists take to New Jersey highways well aware of the challenges they face thanks to negligent motorists and dangerous road conditions. It’s less commonly known that motorcycle equipment defects are a leading cause of crashes in Union, Essex, Middlesex, Hudson counties and across North Jersey.

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It’s the rider’s responsibility to keep their motorcycle in good, safe working order. However, when a piece of equipment fails due to defect, there may be no warning. If you or someone you know has experienced severe injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident caused by an equipment defect, contact Team Law right away for a free consultation about your case. We will work tirelessly to hold the manufacturer, supplier, distributor, installer or retail outlet responsible for the negligence that led to your accident.

Common Motorcycle Equipment Defects Can Cause Accidents

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Every rider knows that it’s important to do a check of the motorcycle before going out for a ride in Summit, Westfield or New Brunswick, NJ. Of course, it’s important to make sure the gas tank is filled if you are going on a long ride. You should also check the tires, chains, brakes, and your helmet to make sure everything is in good working order. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If there is something wrong with the bike, it’s better to find out in your driveway instead of rush hour traffic in Newark or Rahway.

All riders should check the following items to make sure they are in good condition before a ride:

What to Do If You are Experiencing Motorcycle Equipment Failure in Edison, Orange, Irvington or Anywhere Else in New Jersey

Let’s assume that you always check your bike before heading out for a ride. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience an equipment malfunction or failure while out on the road. If this happens, it can be extremely dangerous. A crash will likely leave you with severe injuries.

Not all equipment defects present as an emergency. For example, if your turn signal malfunctions, you can use hand signals to alert other motorists of your intentions on the roadway. Wobbling (the bike shaking from side to side) may be a sign of a serious problem (a tire blowout) or a more minor issue you can pull to the side of the road to deal with. The following things that may cause a wobble: underinflated tires, unevenly distributed cargo, maladjusted handlebars, bent wheels or an alignment problem, and an issue with the windshield.

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Any or all of these problems could be basic wear and tear; stuff happens. However, these and many other issues could be signs of a serious equipment defect. Contact Team Law today so we can fully investigate what happened to your motorcycle. If we find that the problem is a defective or recalled piece of equipment, we will fight hard to hold the manufacturer, supplier or vendor responsible for repairs and injuries caused by the faulty product.

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Accidents happen, that’s for sure. Usually, it’s because of driver negligence or dangerous road conditions. However, if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and you suspect that defective equipment – a mechanical part of the biker or your helmet, for example – caused the crash, contact Team Law right way. There are no upfront legal fees. We will discuss your case and determine the best course of action that will result in maximum compensation for you and your family. Contact us today to get started and we’ll fight to get you the justice you deserve.

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