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Have you ever had a work-related injury or illness? You may be eligible for financial aid from the New Jersey workers’ compensation system as you struggle to heal from an illness or injury and return to work. While workers are typically entitled to benefits for work-related injuries or illnesses, too frequently employers or their workers’ compensation insurers contest workers’ claims in an effort to avoid being held financially responsible for benefits. Contact our team of Mount Arlington workers’ compensation lawyers at our office if you require assistance filing a workers’ compensation claim with your employer.

Team Law has been fighting for injured or ill workers to receive the workers’ compensation payments they require and deserve during their recovery for more than 30 years. Our Mount Arlington personal injury lawyers have a lengthy history of getting favorable outcomes for our clients. Fewer than 2% of New Jersey’s attorneys are qualified trial attorneys, a credential earned by our lawyers as a result of their work in the workers’ compensation industry.

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Benefits from Workers’ Compensation After a Work-Related Injury

Workers’ compensation may be able to offer certain cash advantages to an employee who has suffered a work-related accident or illness. These advantages may consist of:

How to Submit a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Mount Arlington Workers' Compensation Lawyers

A worker in New Jersey often makes a workers’ compensation claim by informing their employer of a work-related illness or injury. According to state laws, a person who sustains an accident at work must tell their employer within 14 days of the incident in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits beginning on the day of the injury. A worker must provide notice no later than 90 days following the injury to be qualified for workers’ compensation benefits.

Although written notice guarantees that the worker has a record that their employer was informed of their injury, a worker may give their employer oral notice. Any employee in a position of power, such as a manager, supervisor, or HR representative, may get notified. An injured worker can fill out paperwork provided by some employers or their workers’ compensation insurance to notify them of a claim.

When an employer learns of a worker’s workplace accident, they are required to submit a first report of injury to the Division of Workers’ Compensation. A worker must submit a formal claim petition to the Division on their own behalf if their employer fails to provide this report or otherwise rejects their claim for benefits. After submitting a claim petition, a worker has two options for resolving their claim: either through a formal claim hearing where the judge will make a binding decision or through an informal hearing with a workers’ compensation judge to try to achieve a mediated agreement with their employer. An injured worker may potentially obtain financial compensation for their persistent impairment or damage by filing a claim petition.

Experienced Mount Arlington Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

The typical hard-working person relies on their income to maintain their family and themselves. A person may find themselves in a very challenging situation if they have an accident that jeopardizes their capacity to earn a living. Our Mount Arlington workers’ compensation lawyers are here to make sure you stay away from the debilitating effects of being unable to work. Team Law’s best workers comp attorneys in Mount Arlington, NJ are well-known for obtaining the highest possible financial settlements for their clients. The famous Million Dollar Advocates Forum has commended our firm’s efforts in obtaining settlements and verdicts in excess of $1 million. Additionally, “Superlawyers” has classified our lawyers as “Rising Stars,” and the Supreme Court of New Jersey has recognized us as Civil Trial Attorneys.

Law on Workers’ Compensation in Mount Arlington

Employers in New Jersey are required to have “no-fault” insurance that provides benefits to workers hurt on the job. No-fault insurance simply implies that an employee who is hurt while working is entitled to certain benefits regardless of who caused the accident. Unfortunately, employer’s insurance firms frequently make situations worse by erecting unnecessary legal barriers that make it difficult for workers to quickly obtain the benefits they are entitled to. As a result, obtaining advantages under this system depends on your lawyer’s expertise and skill. Fortunately, our top comp attorneys in Mount Arlington, NJ are renowned statewide for securing maximum compensation for clients and have handled thousands of workers’ compensation cases. Call today to schedule a free consultation with a member of our Mount Arlington workers’ compensation lawyers about your situation.

You are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits after suffering a workplace injury or occupational disease, which will help you in your recovery. To learn more about your legal rights under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system, get in touch with our Mount Arlington workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law now for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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About Mount Arlington, NJ

Mount Arlington, New Jersey is a quiet suburb on the shores of Lake Hopatcong that is about an hour’s drive from the commotion of New York City. Mount Arlington is located in Bergen County. Around the year 1600, members of the Nariticong Delaware Indian family established a settlement on the eastern coast of Lake Hopatcong. The Rogerines were the first permanent European colonists in the area that is now known as Mount Arlington. The Rogerines belonged to an evangelical Christian sect that was named after its founder. In the year 1740, the municipality of Roxbury, which may be found in what is now Morris County, received its official charter. Great Pond was the name given to what is now known as Lake Hopatcong back then, and its size was only approximately a fourth of what it is today. As a direct result of the construction of the Morris Canal, the land around Lake Hopatcong grew, and new entry points were made available. As train travel became more popular than canal travel. This was done because the canal was losing popularity to railroad travel. Before the boom, there were only a few simple hotels in the lake area to choose from. Soon after, there was a flurry of construction, and soon after that, there were residences dotted all along the lake’s border.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mount Arlington Workers’ Compensation

When an employee is receiving workers’ compensation, can the company fire them?

Whether an employee is hired at will or in accordance with the provisions of a contract, an employer generally retains the ability to fire an employee who is collecting workers’ compensation benefits. However, it is unlawful to fire a worker who has filed a workers’ compensation claim or who has a handicap (or is thought to have a disability) but is still competent to carry out the essential duties of their position (with or without reasonable accommodation). An employer must still provide workers’ compensation payments to a terminated employee, even if the termination was legal.

What is not covered under workers’ compensation?

Only potential financial costs and losses incurred by an injured worker are meant to be covered by workers’ compensation. Therefore, it does not cover non-economic, human losses like physical suffering, mental distress, or a reduction in quality of life that may arise from an employee’s injury or occupational disease.

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