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Getting an expungement is an important step in putting your mistakes in the past.  Expungement is the technical name for the process of clearing your criminal record.  As you likely know, your criminal history—including arrests and convictions—can be found by potential landlords, employers and even by schools and colleges.  In some cases, you may be required to disclose your criminal history to get a bank loan or obtain a professional license.

At Team Law, our experienced criminal defense lawyers believe that everyone deserves a fresh start.  If you satisfy certain specific criteria, New Jersey law provides for just that.  Our lawyers will use the full weight of our 60-plus years’ experience to help you clear your record.

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Many people think that they don’t need a lawyer to obtain an expungement.  After all, you were convicted of a crime in the past and have already completed your punishment.  While that is technically true, the New Jersey expungement process is very complex.  Our lawyers handle all of the detailed paperwork and procedural requirements necessary to actually get a clean record.

To learn more about the expungement process and how our lawyers can help, call Team Law today.  If your request for expungement was denied in the past, call us today to speak about the expanded expungement eligibility rules that might help in your case.

Qualifying for an Expungement in New Jersey

New Jersey law outlines specific qualification criteria that you have to satisfy to get your record cleared.  In general, conviction for certain very serious crimes cannot be expunged from your records.  Those crimes include:

Before you become eligible for expungement, a certain amount of time has to pass after you have completed your punishment.  The applicable waiting period depends upon the type of crime involved and your overall criminal history (how many convictions are on your record.  In 2020, the law changed so that more offenses are now eligible for expungement than under prior law.   

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The waiting period can vary, but the law generally provides that expungement will be available:

Under the new clean slate law, certain drug offenses involving marijuana distribution, or possession with intent to distribute, are now treated as disorderly persons offenses for expungement purposes.  This is true even if you were convicted of an indictable crime.

Trust Team Law to Handle the Complex Details of the New Jersey Expungement Laws

The expungement process itself can be complex even after we have determined that you are eligible to apply.  One simple mistake in your expungement paperwork can result in your request being denied.  Our expungement lawyers are here to make sure that your case proceeds smoothly through the expungement process so that you can put the past behind you. Our lawyers will:

Once we have completed the expungement process, you can legally answer “no” when asked if you have been convicted of a crime.  Law enforcement and the courts, however, will still be able to access any records that have been expunged if you are ever accused of another crime in the future.  At Team Law, we are here to make sure you understand the process and your rights going forward.

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In many cases, your expungement may be resolved in as little as about three months.  In other cases, the process is more extensive.  If you believe you are eligible for expungement and want to explore options for clearing your record, call Team Law to discuss your case today.  Our experienced New Jersey expungement lawyers will evaluate your situation in light of the newly enacted laws and get the process started as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About the New Jersey Expungement Process

FAQ: When does the clock start running on the waiting period to get an expungement?

The clock generally starts running after you have completed all punishment related to the crime. This can include jail time, payment of fines and restitution, community service and any other punishment ordered by the judge. In some cases involving disorderly persons offense convictions, you may be eligible for expungement if you have completed all relevant punishment but have not yet fully paid your fines.

FAQ: I was arrested but I was eventually acquitted. Do I need an expungement?

The record of your arrest may still be on your criminal record, although the new law proposes a system that would make these expungements automatic. Our lawyers can help you through the process of having the arrest removed from your record so that you can put the mistake in the past.

FAQ: I completed pre-trial intervention, so I was never really convicted. Do I need an expungement?

Yes. Records of both your arrest and your participation in pre-trial intervention will be included in your criminal record until you obtain an expungement.

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