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When you and your spouse or partner separate, your children are still entitled to have the financial support and benefits from both their parents. In New Jersey, the law recognizes that children are entitled to share in their parents’ fortunes and successes regardless of whether or not the family is living as a single household. As a result, courts may order parents to pay child support to help contribute to their children’s care and development. Child support is typically paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent or parent of primary residence. The amount of a child support obligation is based on the parents’ finances and the amount of parenting time each parent spends with his or her children, with the goal of ensuring that parents contribute in accordance with their means to their children’s care.

Your children are incredibly important to you, and it is understandably critical that they receive proper care and support from you and their other parent. If you are in the midst of a child support dispute or matter in New Jersey, contact Team Law today for a confidential case review to discuss your matter with one of our knowledgeable child support attorneys and to learn more about your and your children’s rights and options. 

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How Child Support Is Determined in New Jersey

In New Jersey, child support is usually calculated according to the Child Support Guidelines promulgated by the court. The Guidelines are a mathematical formula that takes into account the respective incomes of the parents, the obligor parent’s parenting time, and the number of children subject to the order. However, courts may deviate from the figure calculated by the Guidelines, based on the facts of the case; in other cases, such as those involving high-net worth parents, the Guidelines may not apply. Where the courts deviate from the Guidelines, they will consider other factors to arrive at a child support obligation. These factors include:

A parent’s obligation to pay child support continues until the child is emancipated. A child usually becomes emancipated upon graduating from high school and having the capacity to be employed. However, a child will not be considered emancipated if he or she pursues college or trade school on a full-time basis following graduation from high school; instead, the child usually will be considered emancipated once he or she has completed his or her higher education.

Child Support Attorneys at Team Law Work Tirelessly to Protect Your Family’s Rights and Interests

At Team Law, we know that child support matters can often lead to disputes between parents. You obviously want to care for and support your children, and you expect that your former partner and spouse will also contribute his or her fair share to your children’s growth. Our attorneys can help you secure a child support order or modify an existing order that properly reflects your children’s needs and expenses, your and your former spouse’s or partner’s respective finances, and your family’s custody arrangement. We can help you ensure that your child support obligation properly reflects your children’s needs and expenses, and not your former spouse’s or partner’s expenses. We can also help you enforce your ex’s support obligation, or modify an existing obligation if there has been a substantial change in your or your former spouse’s or partner’s finances or a change in your children’s expenses. You can trust that when you choose us to help with your child support matter, we will fight to protect your and your children’s rights and interests. 

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Your children have the right to be financially supported by both of their parents, to share in their parents’ success and fortune, and to enjoy a standard of living they would have enjoyed had you and your child’s other parent remained together. If you are in the middle of a dispute over support obligations for your children, schedule a confidential consultation with the child support attorneys of Team Law today to learn more about how our lawyers will fight for your and your children’s rights and interests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Support in New Jersey

What are my options if my child’s other parent isn’t paying court-ordered child support?

If your child’s other parent has become delinquent on his or her child support obligations and informal resolution efforts have failed, you may be entitled to file a motion to enforce with the court. The court may undertake enforcement efforts to get your child’s other parent current on his or her child support payments, including finding him or her in contempt of court or ordering garnishment of his or her sources of income, including employment wages, workers’ compensation benefits, Social Security benefits, or lottery winnings.

What do I do if I lose my job or otherwise can’t afford to pay my child support obligation?

If you have experienced a significant decrease in your income due to losing your job or experiencing a substantial slowdown in your business, you may be able to petition the court for modification of your child support obligation based on changed circumstances. You may need to show that the loss of your job or slowdown of your business was not anticipated or an intentional act on your part and is expected to continue for the indefinite future. If the court finds changed circumstances, it may recalculate your child support obligations according to the state guidelines using your new financial situation.

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