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Unfortunately, work-related accidents and illnesses are all too common in New Jersey. Workers who are attempting to recuperate from an illness or injury contracted on the job may be burdened financially significantly, including medical expenses and lost pay from missed work. Because of this, the New Jersey workers’ compensation system’s goal is to give sick or injured employees access to both financial and medical benefits. Although businesses are required to compensate workers who become ill or are injured while doing their duties, some employers or their workers’ compensation insurers may delay or reject workers’ claims. Secaucus workers’ compensation lawyers can assist you if you need assistance obtaining benefits for your workplace injury or occupational sickness.

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The Procedure for Making a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Secaucus Workers' Compensation Lawyers

In order to file for workers’ compensation benefits, you must first inform your employer of your workplace injury. In most cases, notice must be given within 14 days of the job injury. To be eligible for workers’ compensation payments, an injured employee must report their employer no later than 90 days following a workplace injury. You have the option of giving oral or written notice to your employer, although it is advised that you use writing so that you have a record. A manager, supervisor, human resources representative, or any other authority figure within the employer’s business may get notice.

An employer in New Jersey is required to submit a first report of injury to the Division of Workers’ Compensation as soon as it learns that an employee has had a work-related injury or occupational sickness. The employee’s claim must be accepted or rejected by the company or its workers’ compensation insurer within 60 days. A worker must submit a written claim petition to the Division to request a hearing before a workers’ compensation judge if their employer fails to submit a first report to the Division or if benefits are rejected. A worker has two options: going to an informal hearing, which is a form of mediation supervised by the compensation judge, or moving to a formal hearing, which is more like a trial and results in a court’s binding decision. A petition for a claim must be submitted no later than two years after the date of the work injury or two years after the date on which workers’ compensation benefits were last paid for a work injury. Additionally, a claim petition must be submitted in order to obtain cash compensation for a worker’s long-term illness or disability.

Various Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The following workers’ compensation benefits are available in New Jersey to employees who have contracted an occupational disease or injury from their employer:

Workers Comp Attorneys in Secaucus, NJ

With regard to disagreements between injured workers and their employer or insurance provider over compensability, required medical care, and the degree of disability, the New Jersey Workers Compensation Court has exclusive jurisdiction. If you were hurt while on the job, the Secaucus workers’ compensation lawyers at our firm, Team Law, are qualified to assist you.

Many occupational injury claims have been handled by our committed accident lawyers, including those involving:

No matter how you were hurt at work, our workers comp attorneys in Secaucus, NJ have the experience and expertise necessary to achieve your full recovery. Contact our office at any time, day or night, for a free consultation with an attorney.

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Secaucus Workers’ Compensation Claims

The Secaucus workers’ compensation lawyers have a combined total of well over 20 years of expertise resolving compensation claims in Secaucus. We have Secaucus workers’ compensation lawyers with the knowledge to adequately defend you and your family, whether you were recently hurt, are having trouble getting medical care or lost salary benefits.

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Every year, numerous Hudson County citizens get hurt at work. If you were unfortunate enough to have an injury at work, our Secaucus workers’ compensation lawyers can give you the solid legal advice you need to guarantee that you receive the protections provided by the law. You deserve nothing less than the legal representation that your employer’s insurance provider receives from their attorney. You should at the very least be aware of your rights, and Secaucus workers’ compensation lawyers who have experience pursuing compensation claims are only a phone call away. Let’s clear up the ambiguity and confusion around your accident. There is no need to delay in contacting us for the assistance you require because the consultation is cost-free.

About Secaucus, NJ

The American town of Secaucus is located in Hudson County, New Jersey. The population of the town was 16,264 as of the 2010 United States Census, up 333 from the 15,931 counted in the 2000 Census and up 1,870 from the 14,061 counted in the 1990 Census. As a result of a referendum that was held in 1963, the town of Union Hill was granted permission to annex the long and narrow farming settlement of North Bergen, resulting in the creation of Secaucus, which is a part of the New York metropolitan area.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Secaucus Regarding Workers’ Compensation

Can a freelancer apply for workers’ compensation?

In general, an independent contractor cannot make a workers’ compensation claim against the business that hired them to complete a contract. However, if an individual is really an employee but was incorrectly classified by their employer as an independent contractor, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation. An independent contractor who sustains an injury while working on a contract must approach their own employer for workers’ compensation benefits (if applicable).

What happens if I apply for Social Security disability and workers’ compensation at the same time?

The amount of money you can get from Social Security and workers’ compensation after getting hurt at work and becoming temporarily or permanently disabled is restricted by law. You are not permitted to obtain a total of Social Security disability payments plus workers’ compensation benefits that exceeds 80% of your typical weekly salary prior to the injury. As a “reverse offset” state, New Jersey allows your workers’ compensation benefits to partially offset or lower your Social Security benefits.

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