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The shoulder is one of the most flexible joints in the body.  Unfortunately, the shoulder’s wide range of motion actually makes it more susceptible to injury.  Although painters, construction workers and even warehouse employees are vulnerable to shoulder injuries, these serious injuries can happen in any type of work environment—whether in a serious workplace accident or simply by reaching overhead to take a box off a shelf.

Shoulder injuries can be painful and cause you to miss work for weeks—or, sometimes, even months if your injury requires surgery.  At Team Law, we help clients get fair Workers’ Compensation benefits for their work injuries.  With over 60 years’ experience, we have a reputation for excellence both with the courts and Workers’ Compensation defense attorneys. 

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law provides medical and wage replacement benefits until maximum medical improvement has been achieved, after which the insurance company could try to terminate your benefits.  Your employer could even try to claim that your shoulder injury happened outside of work.  An experienced lawyer can help you navigate these issues and more.

Issues that arise in Workers’ Compensation cases can be complex.  Without the advice of a skilled Workers’ Compensation lawyer, you might receive less than you deserve—and you might not even realize that you are entitled to more.  At Team Law, we work tirelessly to pursue every option for recovering fair compensation in your case.  To learn more about our practice, call or contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Common Types of Shoulder Injury

A shoulder injury can impact your ability to accomplish even routine tasks around the workplace.  Even the simple act of lifting your arm to turn on a light can result in extreme pain, especially if the rotator cuff is damaged.  If your job requires lifting or working above your head, you may be particularly at risk for a shoulder injury. 

Common types of shoulder injury include:

To effectively treat a shoulder injury, you may require:

In some cases, serious shoulder injuries never heal.  Depending upon your profession and the type of injury, your ability to work may be dramatically impacted.  Some shoulder injury victims are never able to return to their previous occupation, and some are only able to return in a partial capacity.

Although some shoulder injuries are caused by a sudden accident, some start off minor and worsen over time.  These types of “wear and tear” accidents are easy for employers and insurance companies to challenge. 

If you notice any type of aching or weakness in your shoulder or arm, you should ask your doctor to check for a shoulder injury and notify your employer.  You should also discuss your options with an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer who can get involved quickly to clear the path to recovering fair benefits.

Basic Types of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Benefits

At Team Law, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help you determine the best course of action for getting fair benefits for your shoulder injury.  Under NJ Workers’ Compensation law, you are entitled to:

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You should never have to settle for less than you deserve after sustaining a work injury.  At Team Law, we have been successfully representing clients in Workers’ Compensation cases for over 60 years.  We put the experience and knowledge we have obtained over the years to work for you. 

To explore options for recovering full and fair compensation in your shoulder injury case, call our experienced New Jersey Workers’ Compensation lawyers today.  You can also fill out our online contact form and we will reach out to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation for Shoulder Injury

FAQ: What is maximum medical improvement? What happens to my Workers’ Compensation benefits if my doctor says I have reached MMI for my shoulder injury?

Maximum medical improvement means that your shoulder injury is not expected to recover any more fully even if additional treatment is provided. In other words, you may be facing a lifetime of pain and physical limitations. If you are unable to return to the same work once you have reached MMI, we can help you pursue a claim for permanent partial disability benefits. Your specific benefit amount will depend upon whether you can work in any capacity and your average weekly wages prior to the injury.

FAQ: How long do temporary Workers’ Compensation disability benefits last?

You can receive Workers’ Compensation for temporary disability until you have reached maximum medical improvement, up to a maximum of 400 weeks in total.

FAQ: Is there any way to challenge my doctor’s opinion that I should go back to work if I feel my shoulder injury has not really healed?

Yes. We can seek a second opinion and take steps to challenge the doctor’s decision. With many shoulder injuries, going back to work too soon will only make the injury worse. If you are still in pain and your doctor wants to send you back to work, you should speak with an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer before taking any action.

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