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Have you been sexually harassed in new jersey? fight back!

Sexual harassment can really happen at any time and at any place – it’s not just a workplace phenomenon. By definition, it’s considered sexual harassment if a person makes unwanted sexual advances or comments toward another person.
Most often, people think of the workplace as being the epicenter of sexual harassment. Unwanted advances by co-workers or supervisors can be, and often are, extremely upsetting for the victim.  It’s even worse if the victim is being threatened by the advances. An example of this could be if a supervisor requests sexual favors in return for a better performance review.
Consider this incident which occurred at a Morris County, New Jersey branch of Wells Fargo Bank. According to a report by the Star Ledger, the bank settled a case with the state on behalf of a woman who complained that a bank employee made improper requests in order to expedite her loan application. Wells Fargo agreed to pay $2,500 to the state and to improve its anti-discrimination policies. The details of the settlement with the victim have not been made public.
Sexual harassment can take place in any setting. Just because one might call it a professional setting: doesn’t mean employment has to be involved. For example, in a school setting, a teacher has control over a student’s grades. Any comments or behavior that insinuates that better grades are in store for a victim who gives in to the harassment is illegal. Social settings are also ripe for sexual harassment.
Unwanted advances that make you uncomfortable should not be tolerated. If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual harassment in New Jersey, contact the attorneys at Team Law immediately for guidance about getting your job back or getting compensation for your embarrassment, pain and suffering.

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