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Hoboken train crash injures more than 100 people

A horrifying NJ Transit train accident at the Hoboken Terminal in Hudson County NJ resulted in significant injuries to more than 100 people, one tragic death, and catastrophic damage to the train station.
The train that crashed was traveling on the Pascack Valley Line, having left Spring Valley NY approximately one hour earlier. As the train came to the end of a 17-stop route and entered the Hoboken train station, it reportedly failed to slow down. The train subsequently went past its stopping point, which is approximately 20 feet in front of a bumper block. The train ultimately hit the bumper block at a high rate of speed, causing the vehicle to leave the tracks and actually go airborne. A bumper block, or buffer stop, is present at the end of the track so that trains that fail to come to a complete stop will not continue running past the tracks. The buffer stop is specifically designed to prevent these kinds of railway accidents. However, in this instance, the velocity of the train when it hit the bumper made it impossible for the train to stop without severe impact.
Passengers Had No Warning before the Train Crashed at Hoboken Terminal
Many of the most serious injuries were suffered by individuals who had gotten up from their seats to stand in front of the doors on the train in advance of its arrival at the Hoboken station. This is not an uncommon practice for commuters, particularly during the morning commute hours when people are in a rush to make it to work on time. Unfortunately, the people standing next to the doors on the Hoboken train when it crashed into the terminal may have sustained even more significant injuries as they were thrown into the door and onto the ground.
Making matters worse was the fact that the accident happened so quickly that the people sitting or standing in the front car had no time to brace themselves before impact. Bhagyesh Shah, a commuter who was riding in the train’s front car, said that he fell to the floor of the car and then looked up to see mangled parts of the train and debris all around him. Shah also indicated that the train did not appear to slow down when it entered the Hoboken Terminal.
While federal and state investigators look into the Hoboken train accident and attempt to determine exactly what might have caused the catastrophic crash, anyone who was injured in the accident needs to act quickly. That’s because the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits against government entities is very short.
For more information about the NJ Transit train accident, read the article, “Hoboken Train Crash: 1 Dead, More Than 100 Injured.

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