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What you need to know about distracted driving

Motor vehicle accidents are common and can happen daily. In most cases, these accidents result in minor damage to the cars involved. Unfortunately, other accidents can result in serious personal injuries and even death to the persons involved. Car accidents, bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents can occur due to a driver’s or motorist’s recklessness. These individuals may be speeding or driving under the influence or while distracted. In the United States, distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents and has caused personal injury to countless people and claimed thousands of lives. If you are unfamiliar with distracted driving, here is an explanation of the term:
Understanding Distracted Driving
This term refers to activities or actions that divert an individual’s attention away from driving. They may include eating while driving, chatting with passengers, fiddling with GPS systems, texting while driving, and more. Texting is considered to be the most severe form of distracted driving. It can divert a driver’s attention from the road for five seconds on average. If a person is driving at a speed of 55 mph, it is like driving the length of a football field while wearing a blindfold.
The points below will further discuss the most common forms of distracted driving.
If a driver’s thoughts drift off while driving, he or she is daydreaming. This significantly increases the risk of accidents, even fatal ones. A responsible driver must consider pulling over and getting some rest if he or she is feeling tired, preoccupied, or distracted while driving.
Rubbernecking is the cause of many road accidents in the U.S. every year. It involves drivers focusing on something that is happening outside of their cars rather than placing their concentration on what’s happening in front of them. In most cases, rubbernecking occurs when a driver slows down to observe an accident or a scuffle on the sidewalk. If the car in front applies its brakes, one may not have enough time to react and end up rear-ending the car in front or an unlucky pedestrian.
As mentioned, texting is an extremely dangerous form of distracted driving in the United States. It has claimed the lives of thousands of motorists and injured many pedestrians. Many experts view texting while driving as a triple threat because it prevents the driver from looking at the road, causes the driver to remove his or her hands from the steering wheel, and mentally engages drivers while they attempt to craft a message. Texting while driving; it is an accident waiting to happen.
Other Forms of Cellphone Usage
In addition to texting, speaking on the phone while driving (even with a hands-free device), using voice commands, and selecting music can increase the risk of car accidents. In many cases, one’s brain can stay distracted for nearly 30 seconds after using voice commands. It is important for a driver to avoid using cellphones at all while driving. This is one of the best ways to stay safe on the road.
What are the Odds of Becoming a Distracted Driving Accident Victim?
Unfortunately, nine out of ten victims die due to distracted driving accidents. It is a misconception to think that a driver with good driving skills has a better chance of not becoming a victim of distracted driving. If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident due to somebody else’s recklessness or negligence, it is important to seek legal representation to claim compensation for your personal injuries. This is where Team Law can help.

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