Recent carnival accident highlights need for caution at nj amusement parks

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With summer fast approaching, New Jersey families, including many young people, will soon be headed to popular NJ amusement parks and water parks to have a good time and enjoy themselves in the sun. However, it is important for anyone entering the gates at an amusement park to be extremely careful because the rides, including dangerous roller coasters, are not always entirely safe.

A recent accident at a carnival in Nebraska provides an example of the kind of catastrophic damage that can be done to a person who trusts amusement park operators to do their jobs and ensure the safety of customers. The accident occurred on the King’s Crown ride at the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Omaha, Nebraska. The victim, an 11-year-old girl, sustained significant physical injuries when her hair got caught in the ride’s machinery and caused her to go flying to the floor.

Although other people on the spinning ride came to the girl’s assistance as soon as they saw that something had gone terribly wrong, the victim still suffered serious injuries. Emergency medical responders subsequently rushed the victim to Nebraska Medicine, a nearby hospital, where she was placed in the intensive care unit and later listed in critical condition with a head injury.

If you have been injured at a carnival, amusement park or theme park in New Jersey, there are a number of complicated legal issues that could arise in your case. For example, New Jersey premises liability law imposes a special duty on property owners to ensure that visitors are safe from injury and are not exposed to dangerous conditions. Additionally, the New Jersey Carnival and Amusement Ride Safety Act imposes a heightened duty of care on manufacturers of amusement park rides, so a person injured at an amusement park can potentially file a product liability lawsuit.
For additional information, read the article, “Carnival Ride Accident Leaves 11-Year-Old Girl in Critical Condition.

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