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Spectator Injuries During Sporting Events

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Car Accidents Involving Aging Adults

As we begin to age, we start losing the ability to physically and mentally complete tasks that seemed so simple at a younger age. Driving is an extremely complex activity that many older adults struggle with. Statistics consistently reveal that motor vehicle accidents involving older adults over the age of 65 are often just as…Read More

Liability Issues in NJ Trucking Accidents

Car collisions involving a large truck are often disastrous simply due to the truck’s much larger size and weight. On top of this concern, there may be multiple different parties which could have contributed to the occurrence of the truck accident, so it may be challenging to determine who is liable for injuries and damages…Read More

Sexual Harassment Lawyers in New Jersey

Employment Law Attorneys Fight for the Rights of Victims of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality in workplaces throughout New Jersey. This behavior can inflict significant harm on an employee, affecting both their professional performance and mental health. Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination that violates employee rights.

The New Jersey employment law attorneys at Team Law have been protecting employees from abusive and illegal treatment in the workplace for over five decades. We serve clients throughout New Jersey. If you or someone you love has been the victim of sexual harassment, it is essential to find a compassionate, knowledgeable employment law attorney right away.

New Jersey Harassment Law Recognizes Two Types of Sexual Harassment

  1. Quid pro quo: When your employer threatens to terminate you or implement another consequence, such as a suspension, reduced pay, worse hours or a demotion from your current position, if you do not give in to his or her sexual demands.
  2. Hostile work environment: A more indirect type of harassment which occurs when the employee is consistently exposed to lewd and unwelcome behavior on a day-to-day basis.

Sexual harassment does not require a demand for sexual favors. Denigrating remarks, both sexual and non-sexual, can be considered illegal if they occur because of a person’s sex or gender. If these actions, based on the person’s sex or gender, create a hostile work environment, the victim may have a sexual harassment claim. If the harassment is considered severe or pervasive, the employer may be held accountable for damages, such as emotional distress.

Further, it is also the employer’s legal obligation to prevent any type of sexual harassment from taking place. This means that if an employer is made aware that an employee feels a colleague is harassing them, the employer must investigate the allegations and take the necessary steps to end it. Failure to do so would also be grounds for a sexual harassment claim against the employer.

Lawyers Represent Victims of Sexual Harassment Throughout New Jersey

Sometimes, people think that being funny, even when it’s inappropriate, is acceptable office behavior. After all, you may be a friendly group and just trying to blow off some steam. However, the problem with this type of activity is that you never know when someone will take offense to something said in jest. It is very difficult to identify the point when simple teasing begins to feel like harassment.

Examples of sexual harassment in the office include:

  • Inappropriate questions, comments or jokes
  • Unwanted advances
  • Physical contact (grabbing, etc.)
  • Any sexually explicit material, such as photos, videos or publications, prominently displayed in the workplace
  • Spreading rumors about someone’s personal or sexual life
  • Threatening someone for rejecting inappropriate advances
  • Following a person around
  • Requesting sexual favors in exchange for a benefit (such as a raise, promotion or transfer)

Why You Need to Hire an Experienced Employment Lawyer to Handle Your NJ Sexual Harassment Claim

Nobody should have to suffer the debilitating effects of sexual harassment or discrimination. The employment lawyers at Team Law have extensive experience cracking down on harassment in the workplace. Our knowledgeable, respectful attorneys will do everything we can to best ensure that you work in a comfortable, non-threatening environment.

Why should I enlist legal help when filing my sexual harassment claim?

  • To prove that inappropriate conduct took place
  • To prove that said conduct qualifies as sexual harassment
  • To help obtain the proper compensation for your stress and suffering

Schedule a Free Consultation with a New Jersey Harassment Attorney at Team Law Today

You will need an experienced attorney to guide you through the process of filing your sexual harassment claim and to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve. This is especially true if your situation led to wrongful termination. In wrongful termination cases, you may have two causes of action to pursue in court.

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